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2024 Catfluence March Meowdness Tournament

View BracketCopy & Bracket Championship Summary The grand finale of March Meowdness saw #10 @count_salem (2.3k) triumph over #7 @bilbo_fluffins (7.6k) in a…

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taylor swift olivia benson mariska hartigay karma

5 Catfluencial Stories From 2023

(Images via Raymond Hall/Getty Images, Getty Images, and Mariska Hartigay/IG) 2023 was another year of amazing cat stories! Here are some of our favorites (in…

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blonde girl with her ginger cat

Mina’s Cancer Treatment & Fundraiser: Basosquamous Carcinoma

Written By: Abbey Kawanishi Hi everyone. My name is Abbey Kawanishi and I am in need of some help with my cat Mina, who has been recently diagnosed with…

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coffee and crazy people podcast episode 11 with catfluence

Coffee & Crazy People Podcast EP. 011 | Cat Influencer Network w/ Harris Baker

We recently made an appearance on the Coffee & Crazy People Podcast EP. 011 with Alexis Ward of The Cat Pharm, a CBD Company inspired by cats, cannabis,…

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three cat siblings in starbucks outfits

Pet Adorations: Learning to love, grow, cherish, & build empathy for them in our lives

Written By: Jiawen, the mom of "@thepurrpawsbros" Introduction to Jiawen Hi there! Many people may know us and others maybe new to knowing us, but we are…

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Gwen Segal Because of Jim Blog Image

One Cat’s Open Heart Turned Into An Ongoing Mission Of Love

Written By: Gwen W. Segal, Wild Serenity Cat Rescue Fund & Because of Jim You never know what’s going to happen when you open your heart. Sometimes it’s…

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harris baker catfluence community cats podcast episode 499

Community Cats Podcast #499: Cats Generating Awareness on Social Media

In episode #499 of the Community Cats Podcast, Stacy LeBaron chats with Harris Baker, the founder of Catfluence, a social media platform that promotes…

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cat traveling on a plane looking out the window

Traveling With Pets Tips: A How-To Guide on Vacations with Your Cat or Dog

Written By: Arslan Hassan Going for a family vacation? Don't forget your four-legged companion. Canines and felines are as much part of your family as other…

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2023 Meowdness Blog Image - Final 2

2023 Catfluence March Meowdness Tournament

Championship Summary We have a winner!!! #8 @littlewafflesbigcity (8.4k) finished up with an impressive, but close, 804 – 752 victory over #12…

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Yassine Harouchi with his rescue cats on a couch

The Accidental Rescue – Air-Rescuing 50+ Cats in Morocco

Written By: Yassine Harouchi & Charin Winker When I rescued my first cat, my heart spoke to me. I knew that I had stumbled into a mission. As I look around…

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white male holding a calico cat

Guys With Cats: Dudes Embracing Their Feline Friends

Cats have long been considered a "girl's pet," but more and more men are breaking that stereotype and embracing their feline friends. In fact, a recent survey…

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Mission Meow Catsbury Park Check

Mission Meow: Making Dreams Come True For Small Cat-Centric Nonprofits

Written By: Sally Williams, Founder and President, Mission Meow If you want to know more about Mission Meow, think about words like joy, dreams, hope,…

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What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and 9 Cat Cartoons?

Written By: Bob Eckstein, Award-Winning Author & Illustrator There is probably no more popular subject for cartoons than the desert island and talking…

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kidney-check cat kidney urea test product with human

Kidney-Chek’s Top 5 Tips to Help Keep Your Pet Healthy

Your cat's health is important! Take note of these five tips to keep your pet healthy, presented by Kidney-Chek™. 1. Hydration is important. Make sure clean…

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naughty cat cafe chattanooga tennessee

How To Open A Cat Cafe

Written By: Whitney Sickels & Heath Hanson, Owners, Naughty Cat Cafe So you want to know HOW to open a cat cafe. However, the first question shouldn’t be…

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harris baker catfluence elliot and olivia

NJ Influencers; Inspiring Growth in Their Communities

Montclair State University students, Tyler Delp and Reggie Gonzales, published an article on New Jersey influencers and the impact they have on inspiring…

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purrsonal space cat lounge palmyra nj

Ever Feel in Need of Some PURRsonal Space?

Written By: Lori Genstein, Owner, Purrsonal Space Cat Lounge You’re not alone! What does that space look like; what feelings does it elicit when you think…

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Multifunctional, Sustainable & Modern: SØDE Design Cat Specific Furniture

Amsterdam, Netherlands - On April 5th, 2022 SØDE Design launched a collection of luxury cat accessories that helps to maintain Scandinavian elegance in your…

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2022 Catfluence March Meowdness Tournament

Championship & Tournament Summary After three weeks of “meowdness”, we have our winner! Congratulations to #4 @abdulscats (176k) on his 948…

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Insta-famous Pets: Catfluence Featured in Jersey’s Best Magazine

Keri Kelly of Jersey's Best Magazine wrote this outstanding article on "Jersey Insta-famous: Meet the N.J. pets pawing, purring and posing their way to…

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Pawareness Podcast #61: Social Media for Cats

Recently made an appearance on episode #61 of the Pawareness Podcast with Kris McCauley. We talked about how Catfluence started after I got involved in digital…

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Catfluence Featured in Shoutout Arizona Magazine

Harris Baker, Catfluence Founder and Chief Feline Officer, was interviewed by Shoutout Arizona Magazine for a segment on inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives.…

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Pet Retail World Pop Up Event in NYC Presented by Buddy-Belts

The Pet Retail World Pop Up Event, presented by Buddy-Belts is back for NYC Pet Parents and their pups. Enjoy FREE samples from over 50 TOP pet brands and…

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painting of pets in ghost costumes trick or treating on halloween

[Comic Life Of Pets] Paint Your Pet In Pop Art Pawtrait

Halloween is just around the corner and you and your pet can get in on the fun! Give them a spooky cute look by painting them in pop art style! On Sunday,…

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Inspire Unity: Contribute to a Collage for a Good Cause

Written by: Jason and Noah, Inspire Unity Founders Hey everyone! First off we wanted to say, we’re extremely excited @Catfluence asked us to be part of their…

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My First Encounter with Cat Magic & How I’m Bringing it to the Screen

Written by: Sarah Jayne Portelli, Director/Producer - Cats of Malta HELP FUND PRODUCTION ON KICKSTARTER There are many reasons why I believe that felines are…

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cat doing yoga

Musings From a Feline Zen Master & Cat Yoga Instructor

Written by: Zen Master Oatie Yes, I am a Zen Master. I am also a guru, a cat yoga instructor, a meowditation expawrt as well as a Zen living pawfessional.…

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Catfluence Featured in Redfin Article on Kitty Home Prep

Bringing home a cat is an exciting time for the family. They provide laughter, companionship, and can even teach little ones about responsibility. However,…

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tab for cats

Calling All Tab Enthusiasts: Tab for Cats by Tab for a Cause

Written by: Miranda Escobar, Marketing Manager, Tab for a Cause Calling all tab enthusiasts! You know, the ones with 47 tabs open at a time? With Tab for Cats,…

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Why Cats Are Really Man’s Best Friend: A Cat Op-Ed

Written by: Simon The Black Cat Hello Fweinds! My name is Simon and as your resident cat, I must tell you humans that cats are the best! Now as if you already…

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Cat Relationships: How They Forgive & Forget

Written by: Michele Burke, Partner, Alliance Benefit Solutions Let’s talk about this relationship. My two cats are 8ish years old – they are brothers. Lately,…

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2021 Catfluence March Meowdness Tournament

Championship Summary And that’s all she wrote… the winner of our 2021 March Meowdness Tournament is… #10 Moss The Rat (@mosstherat). Based…

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miley cyrus female celebrity with a cat holding her white cat

Top 5 Celebrities With Cats: Singers, Actors, & Models

Written by: Miah Seetahal, Catfluence Intern In this blog post, Catflunece Intern, Miah Seetahal, writes about five of her favorite celebrities with cats! 1.…

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white blonde american girl hugging her cat outdoors in oregon

5 Tips & Tricks For Successful Cat Photography

Written by: Alexay Tamas, Cat Photographer & Dentist (@atmas2) Since the beginning of quarantine, I have spent A LOT more time photographing my cats. I’m…

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white german male building a wooden cat stratching post

Elfonso’s Cat Interiors: Exclusive & Distinctive Scratching Posts

Written by: Lars of Elfonso’s Cat Interiors It's not called Al-Fonso, but Elfonso! Before we get caught up in a ball of yarn of storytelling, we would like to…

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blonde girl with beanie holding her white cat outside during christmas in california

Breaking The Stereotypes Of A “Crazy Cat Lady”

Written by: Holly Garcia – @meistertravelcat How many stories have you heard about crazy cat ladies? Or really just about one universal crazy cat lady. The…

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catfluence and the blog frog logos

The Blog Frog: Catfluence Featured in Top Pet Care Blogs

The Blog Frog has a simple mission: provide insights on the best blogs across 16 categories. They identify the top blogs so YOU get the best content. They…

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More About Catfluence: Story, Inspiration & Future

Hi, my name is Harris Baker and I created @Catfluence in September 10, 2017. Long story short, I was both exposed to and inspired by the work I had been doing…

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girl doing game of thrones pose with cats

5 Easy Ways You Can Help Shelter Cats Right Now

Written by: Sarah Coleman - @fixyourfuckincats My name is Sarah Coleman, better known by my Instagram name @fixyourfuckincats. I am a 23-year-old feline…

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girl with orange cat in woods

Top 5 Tips for Training Your Cat: Food, Clickers & More

Written by: Jordan Whitaker - @Kits_and_Tricks Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine - DVM Candidate, 2021 Training your cat can be a super fun way to…

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bald cat with cat friendly plant

The Best Cat-Friendly Plants: Living Art USA

Written by: Jane Morocco, CEO, Living Art USA In 2019, 67% of all US households owned pets. Currently, with the COVID-19 pandemic and more people working from…

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cat podcast female host with cat

The Cattitude Podcast with Michelle Fern on Pet Life Radio

Host: Michelle Fern @michellefernpet Cattitude Podcast on Pet Life Radio, which is a huge network of over 70 shows about anything and everything pet. Find…

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Adventure Cats Are On The Rise: Join The Movement

Written by: Sarah Olewski Klassen Instagram: @thegibsonchronicles Website: Adventure Cats are on the Rise Have you ever come across…

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Got the social distancing blues? Try these cat-themed activities!

By Nikki Hess, Cat Lady Academy Are you and your cat bored at home as you’re engaging in social distancing? There are plenty of fun and useful activities you…

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Cattitude Podcast Episode 113 – Fun Feline Factoids

How much do you know about Kittens, Cats in the Wild, & Cats at Home? Michelle Fern invites back Harris Baker from to talk kitty trivia!…

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2020 Catfluence March Madness Tournament

Many of our hooman friends are missing out on March Madness this year as all sports have been cancelled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19. To keep you sane while…

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Cattitude Podcast Episode 105 – Feeder Breeders

Are you a cat feeder breeder? Feeding stray cats is commendable but if you don't take that extra step to have them spayed and neutered you are setting them up…

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