About Catfluence

Hi everyone, my name is Harris Baker, and I am the founder of Catfluence. I’m gonna keep this bio as short as I can (as a writer that is challenging), but for a more detailed description, I encourage you to check out this blog post.

My experience with cats started when I was a baby, with my dad’s cat, Ativan, but was pretty much dormant until 2013. That’s when an ex-girlfriend and I got a cat through a friend of a friend, and named him Doober. After an unfortunate accident that took Doober’s life, we were given two new cats, Elliot and Olivia (any Law & Order fans?).

In January of 2014, I began working at a digital marketing agency, and after a few months in that space, I decided to create an Instagram account for the cats. Over the years at the agency, I gained a lot of amazing experience working with professional athletes, social media influencers, and brands, and I learned about affiliate marketing.

One day in September 2017 I decided to try to replicate this concept for cats – and @Catfluence was born on IG. Over the years, I have expanded to just about every popular social platform and launched this site in 2019 with merch, a blog, and more. I’ve gotten involved with local non-profits, and connected with so many amazing people in the cat community.

I’m honestly not sure what the future holds for this brand, but I’m going to keep growing, experimenting, seeing what people like/don’t like, building a community, connecting the dots, inspiring others, being a positive influence, and most of all, challenging the norms of a traditional “crazy cat person”. Stay tuned…