Championship Summary

The grand finale of March Meowdness saw #10 @count_salem (2.3k) triumph over #7 @bilbo_fluffins (7.6k) in a captivating championship clash, concluding with a score of 447 votes to 319. Salem, the dark horse (cat) of the tournament, consistently led the pack in votes round after round, showcasing the power and passion of the Pizza Cat army.

Bilbo & Pippin, despite their valiant effort and undeniable charm, couldn’t sway the tide, but their journey to the finals was nothing short of spectacular. This year’s March Meowdness was a testament to the diverse and dynamic community of cat influencers, each participant bringing their unique flair to the fiercely competitive arena.

As we wrap up this thrilling tournament, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated, from the feline contenders to their enthusiastic supporters. Your votes and engagement turned this competition into an unforgettable spectacle of feline prowess and spirit.

A special shoutout goes to the brands that generously sponsored the prizes, elevating the excitement and stakes of the competition. Your contributions have not only rewarded our contestants but have also enriched the broader cat influencer community.

Prizes will begin shipping out over the next few weeks, marking the culmination of a truly remarkable March Meowdness. Congratulations once again to Salem, the undisputed champion of 2024, and to all our participants for making this tournament a resounding success. Here’s to many more meowvelous moments and competitions in the future!

Final 4 Summary & Championship Preview

The march towards the pinnacle of March Meowdness has reached its thrilling climax as we stand on the cusp of crowning a new feline influencer supreme. The Final 4 has been a battleground where charm, wit, and the support of impassioned fans have whittled down the competition to the two most adored and dynamic cat influencers of the tournament.

A black cat, #10 @count_salem (2.3k) continues to be the dark horse, thundering through the brackets with a commanding presence and an army of voters that have consistently marked him the top cat in every round. His strategic prowess and undeniable charisma have proven unstoppable, making him a finalist with a consistently high vote count throughout the competition.

In the face-off that determined who would vie for the ultimate title, Salem’s ingenuity shone bright as he outmaneuvered #15 @its.rubyru (939). The contest, as tight as the curl of a cat’s tail, saw both champions securing a matching 54% of the vote—a testament to their evenly matched allure and the fervent dedication of their followers.

Now, turning to the challenger that has emerged from the whiskers of destiny, #7 @bilbo_fluffins (7.6k) stands tall as a beacon of hope for undercats everywhere. Bilbo’s journey to the finals was marked by a sweet victory over #13 @princessbubblegum_ofmiami (2.1k), proving that perseverance and a tender touch of charm are as potent as the most vibrant catnip.

As we gear up for the final face-off, the air is thick with anticipation. Will Salem’s juggernaut campaign seize the day, or will Bilbo’s heartwarming story and sturdy resolve pull the ultimate upset? It all comes down to the last IG story matchup, set to go live on Monday, April 8th, at high noon EST.

So sharpen your claws, prepare your paws, and get ready to make your mark on March Meowdness history. Join us in the final countdown, cast your vote, and let’s witness together who will ascend to claim the throne of Catfluence in the 2024 tournament. The story is yours to complete—don’t miss the chance to be part of this meow-mentous occasion!

Elite 8 Summary & Final 4 Preview

The Elite 8 of March Meowdness has left us on the edge of our seats, paving the way for a nail-biting Final 4 showdown. This year’s tournament has been a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with unexpected twists and heart-stopping moments that have March Meowdness enthusiasts buzzing with excitement.

Region 1’s stage was set for an epic saga, culminating in a gripping finale between #13 @oreothemanxcat (1.5k) and #15 @its.rubyru (704). In an extraordinary turn of events, the first and second polls ended in a tie, compelling us to launch a third, decisive poll. This final tiebreaker saw Ruby clinching victory, showcasing resilience and support that propelled her into the Final 4. The matchup poll had the highest views and total vote count of the tournament. This compelling victory narrative sets the stage for Ruby’s upcoming clash with the powerhouse contender from Region 3.

Region 3’s leader #10 @count_salem (2.3k) continues to astound the March Meowdness world, securing the highest vote count for the fourth consecutive round. Salem’s commanding victory over #16 @purring.bros (173) solidifies his position as a favorite for the crown. The anticipation builds as fans eagerly await Salem’s next move in the face-off against Ruby.

Region 2’s battle concluded with #13 @princessbubblegum_ofmiami (1.5k) triumphing over #11 @silly_tilly_the_main_coon (2.3k), setting up a face-off against Region 4’s victor, #7 @bilbo_fluffins (7.5k), who decisively overcame #16 @fiona_and_cake (309). This matchup promises a clash of Cinderella stories, with each contender vying for a spot in the championship.

Congrats to each of the finalists, who will all receive prizes! As we approach the Final 4, the question on everyone’s mind is whether a double-digit seed will clinch the title for the first time since 2021. Can Salem continue his dominant streak, or will one of the darlings surprise us all and make a run for the championship?

The excitement is palpable as we inch closer to crowning this year’s March Meowdness championship. The Final 4 will commence on Saturday, April 6 at 12 pm EST and conclude on Sunday at the same time, with the Finals set to begin on Monday at 12 pm EST. Be sure to tune in and cast your vote to help decide who will advance to the grand finale and potentially become this year’s March Meowdness champion!

Sweet 16 Summary & Elite 8 Preview

The March Meowdness tournament’s journey to the Elite 8 has been nothing short of astonishing, marking an unprecedented turn of events with a whirlwind of underdog victories and nail-biting finishes. This year’s competition has truly been a testament to the unpredictability of March Meowdness, where follower count holds no sway over the fierce determination of our feline competitors.

The first surprise came from Region 1, where #13 @oreothemanxcat (1.5k) overcame the Cinderella story of #16 @zeus.the.greek.kitty (67). Now, @oreothemanxcat is poised to take on #15 @its.rubyru (704), who triumphed over #6 @gigi_sagwa_cornish_rex (10k) in a closely contested match. Both contenders have shown they have the claws to fight their way to the top.

Region 4 continued the trend of upsets, with #16 @fiona_and_cake (309) edging out #13 @ppumpkinthekitty (1.1k) by a mere 4 votes. This set the stage for @fiona_and_cake to face #7 @bilbo_fluffins (7.5k), who decisively bested the highest remaining seed, #3 @pickles_and.olive (22.6k), by an impressive 86 votes. @bilbo_fluffins now emerges as a strong contender, ready to make a significant run for the title.

In Region 2, the tables turned for #13 @seriesofchubis_ (106) as they were defeated by another #16 seed, @princessbubblegum_ofmiami (1.5k), setting up a clash with #11 @silly_tilly_the_main_coon (2.3k) who just secured victory over #10 @meistertravelcat (3.1k). This region’s competition highlights the fierce battle for supremacy among the underdogs.

Region 3 saw yet another #16 seed, @purring.bros (173), showcase their prowess with a solid victory over the reigning March Meowdness Champion, #4 @littlewafflesbigcity (13.5k). The underdog story continues as they gear up to face #10 @count_salem (2.3k), the tournament’s standout, boasting the highest vote count in every round thus far. With the support of the Pizza Cat army, @count_salem is on a mission to claim this year’s crown.

As we move into the Elite 8, it’s clear that this year’s competition belongs to the underdogs, with every contender being a double-digit seed, except for @bilbo_fluffins. Yet, among this diverse and unexpected group of ginger and variously colored cats, @count_salem emerges as the potential favorite to win it all.

The upcoming matchups, set to be posted Saturday 3/30 and Sunday 3/31 around 12 pm EST, promise more thrilling battles as we inch closer to determining the Final 4. Be sure to follow along and cast your vote on our IG stories in this historic March Meowdness tournament, where every cat has its day!

Round of 32 Summary & Sweet 16 Preview

As March Meowdness surges through the whiskers of intensity, the Round of 32 was a feline frenzy that left us all perched on the edge of our seats.

In Region 1, the bracket buster and talk of the town, #16 @zeus.the.greek.kitty (67), continued to defy odds, not just participating but persisting, scratching out a win against #9 @princessjojoofgreenwich (5.3k) by the slimmest of margins—two votes! Now, facing another darling, #13 @oreothemanxcat (1.5k), Zeus prepares for a matchup that could send shockwaves through the tournament. #6 @gigi_sagwa_cornish_rex (10k), with a quiet poise and Elite 8 experience, stealthily moves on to clash with #15 @its.rubyru (704).

Region 4 saw another undercat, #16 @fiona_and_cake (309), who not only clawed their way in but clawed their way up, knocking out #8 @joeyinthenoniverse (7.5k). #3 @pickles_and.olive (22.6k), standing tall as the highest seed left in the bracket, readies to duel with #7 @bilbo_fluffins (7.5k), who narrowly whisked past #2 @khaleesithekitty116 (98.4k) by 5 votes.

In Region 2, #16 @seriesofchubis_ (106) overcame #9 @elliot.and.olivia (5.2k), and set their sights on a matchup with #13 @princessbubblegum_ofmiami (1.5k). #11 @silly_tilly_the_main_coon (2.3k) slipped past fan-favorite #14 @barcelonaboots (729), and now eyes a showdown with #10 @meistertravelcat (3.1k), who pulled off a stunning victory against #2 @maitiethecat (76.7k).

Region 3 brought its own roar as #16 @purring.bros (173), with the poise of a champion, pounced on their moment and decisively leaped over #9 @brucewayneinthenude (3.3k). The reigning monarch of Meowdness, #4 @littlewafflesbigcity (13.5k), stands ready to defend their title, with the next contender lined up for what promises to be an epic fur-ball of a match. The bracket’s heartbeat, #10 @count_salem (2.3k), a feline enigma with a legacy of legends, continued to enrapture fans with the highest vote count and the widest margin of victory, shutting down #2 @romy.andmichelle (78k).

As the dust settles and the Sweet 16 looms, the pulse of March Meowdness beats stronger than ever. All four #16 seeds remain, a testament to the unpredictability and sheer excitement of the tournament. Each matchup is a story, each cat an athlete, and each day a new chapter. The battles resume Thursday 3/28 and Friday 3/29 noon EST. The fur will fly, and the best of the best will rise—keep checking our recent IG highlights for immediate results, and don’t forget the pro tip: share the direct story links to help your favorite feline clinch those crucial votes! This is March Meowdness at its peak, where every whisker quivers with anticipation and every tail twitch tells a tale of triumph or tailspin.

Round of 64 Summary & Round of 32 Preview

The tournament kicked off in Region 1 with seismic upsets as #16 @zeus.the.greek.kitty (67) toppled the #1 overall seed @smushofficial (722k), the 2020 champion, proving once again that even in March Meowdness, giants fall. Next, they face #9 @princessjojoofgreenwich (5.3k) in a battle that promises sparks. The realm of upsets was further enriched by #13 @oreothemanxcat (1.5k) and #14 @franklin.theragdoll_mi (709), both orchestrating stunning victories, with Franklin notably dispatching #3 @wil_and_tuffrescuecats (52.3k) in what was billed as a potential run to glory. They will face fan favorites #5 @elliemcat (16k) and #6 @gigi_sagwa_cornish_rex (10k), respectively. #10 @hellomisslayla (2.9k) and #15 @its.rubyru (704) round out the region, also with big upsets in their first-round matchups, and will face each other next.

Region 4’s narrative was equally compelling, with another #16 seed, @fiona_and_cake (309), ousting #1 @kahluathekittyy (123k), in true David vs. Goliath fashion, and will face #8 @joeyinthenoniverse (7.5k) Saturday. The underdogs’ march didn’t stop there, as notable competitors hoped to carve their paths to glory but found themselves ousted early, including fan-favorites and high seeds alike, including #9 @denbo.nish (4.7k), #5 @_dashandluna_ (13.2k), #4 (20.8k), #14 @showbizkitties (952), #10 @jackandfrens (4.5k), and #6 @moegrey_thecat (12.3k). However, #2 @khaleesithekitty116 (98.4k) stood tall, delivering a decisive victory over #15 @themagnificent7andcounting (467), and setting sights on #7 @bilbo_fluffins (7.5k) next. An account to keep an eye on now is #3 @pickles_and.olive (22.6k) to make a big run. Double digit seats #12 @furballfables (1.9k), #13 @ppumpkinthekitty (1.1k), #11 @the_erdeljac_cats (2.3k) have all advanced.

In Region 2, the shockwave continued with #16 @seriesofchubis_ narrowly edging out #1 @chloetheserval (589k) by just two votes, and will face #9 @elliot.and.olivia (5.2k) on Sunday. Double-digit seeds continued their dominance, proving that numbers barely scratch the surface when it comes to the heart and grit these cats display. Notably, #11 @silly_tilly_the_main_coon (2.3k) faces off against last year’s Cinderella, #14 @barcelonaboots (729), who returns with tales of Dune and determination to advance to the Elite 8 again and beyond. Also, #12 @bennynthecrew (1.6k) won over #5 @lover_boy_oliver (15k), and will face #13 @princessbubblegum_ofmiami (1.5k) next. Barcelona demolished hopeful #3 @suki_purrs (33k). #7 @clementinethefuzzysphynx (8.5k) was conquered by #7@meistertravelcat (3.1k), who will face #2 @maitiethecat (76.7k), who also had a decisive victory over #15 @bimsfaye (573).

Region 3 saw the fall of another #1, @76dmb76 (326k), unable to muster their TikTok army for a victory over @purring.bros (173). Yet, amidst the rubble of fallen giants, #10 @count_salem (2.3k) surged forward with the most Round 1 votes, a testament to their unwavering support and spirit, setting the stage for a clash against #2 @romy.andmichelle (78k). #8 @zenmasteroatie (5.1k) couldn’t channel enough zen energy, and went down two #9 @brucewayneinthenude (3.3k), who some are saying is poised for a big run from here on. Another #12 over a #5 with #12 @peasantpicnic (1.3k) over #5 @katniss_divakat (10.8k). Returning champion #4 @littlewafflesbigcity (13.5k) had a close victory over #13 @angelsasmrchannel (1.2k), but it’s all about surviving and advancing in March. In a surprising turn of events #6 @boyce_brotherz (7.8k), who had been to the Final 4 last year and Elite 8 the year before, was upset by #11 @titandakitty (1.6k). #3 @zolder_the_cat (28.5k) lost to #14 @just_herb_and_phoebe (732) by one vote!

As we gear up for the next round, the matchups resume today (Sat 3/23) and tomorrow (Sun 3/24) at noon EST. Follow the clashes closely and make your voice heard by voting in our IG stories. Every vote counts and follower count does not always guarantee a victory! For those rallying behind their favorite feline athletes, remember, sharing the direct link to the IG story can bolster your champion’s chances, people MUST click on the story polls to vote, and be sure to keep an eye on our IG profile highlights to see the results of each matchup after 24 hours BEFORE we post. Will the giants reclaim their thrones, or will the Cinderellas dance all the way to the ball? Stay tuned for more whisker-whipping action, where legends are made, and dreams are either realized or dashed. March Meowdness 2024 continues to be a spectacle of agility, strategy, and the unyielding spirit of competition!

2024 Preview

As March Meowdness approaches, the air is electric with anticipation, shimmering with a constellation of feline stars ready to etch their names in history. The reigning champion, #4 @littlewafflesbigcity (13.5k), returns to defend the throne, now a battle-hardened veteran with a growing legion of followers. In the mix, #1 @smushofficial (722k), the top seed, eyes a triumphant return to glory, reminding us of their 2020 victory with a steely gaze on reclaiming the crown.

This year’s field is a mosaic of seasoned warriors and ambitious newcomers, making it a record-breaking year for new submissions. Among the hopefuls, #1 @76dmb76 (326k), a TikTok titan, steps into the fray, bringing a massive following to the IG battlefield. Fast risers #3 @wil_and_tuffrescuecats (52.3k) and #3 @suki_purrs (33k) are tipped as forces to be reckoned with, leveraging their engaging content a launchpad for potential glory.

#4 (20.8k), showcasing significant follower growth, steps in with exotic contenders #1 @chloetheserval (589k) and #1 @kahluathekittyy (123k), their unique charm setting the stage for a spectacle. Costume aficionado #7 @clementinethefuzzysphynx (8.5k) brings flair, while fan-favorite #10 @count_salem (2.3k) returns, their legacy bolstered by the influential #14 @barcelonaboots (729), backed by the renowned fitness influencer @jared_p_smith.

#16 @fiona_and_cake (309) and #10 @jackandfrens (4.5k) boast canine camaraderie, hinting at strategic alliances. With stalwarts like #8 @joeyinthenoniverse (7.5k) and #7 @the_chewy_crew (7.3k) returning, the fifth year of March Meowdness promises unmatched excitement and surprises, making it the ultimate showdown in cat influencer lore. #8 @zenmasteroatie (5.1k) will look to use her sense of calm and mindfulness to advance.

As we celebrate five years of unparalleled competition, the stakes have never been higher, with prizes that shine brighter than ever. This isn’t just a tournament; it’s a saga of whisker-to-whisker combat where legends are born and tales of glory are etched into the annals of March Meowdness history.

2023 Summary

The 2023 March Meowdness culminated with #8 @littlewafflesbigcity (8.4k) securing a close victory over #12 @the_catnamedcheeto (3.7K), in a dramatic finale to the tournament. Throughout the competition, both accounts demonstrated remarkable prowess, captivating the audience’s hearts and emerging from a competitive field. The journey to the finals was laden with intense matches, showcasing the fierce determination of these feline influencers.

Last year’s tournament was a thrilling spectacle, highlighted by the Cinderella runs of #15 seeds @barcelonaboots and @just_herb_and_phoebe, who defied the odds to make it to the Elite 8. Their journeys added a layer of excitement and unpredictability, captivating followers with each unexpected victory. Meanwhile, #10 @boyce_brotherz and #9 @joeyinthenoniverse also left their mark in the Final Four, showcasing their immense popularity and competitive spirit.

This tournament not only highlighted the community’s engagement but also underscored the generous contributions of brand sponsors, enriching the experience for the finalists. As we eagerly anticipate the 2024 tournament, the spirit of competition and camaraderie among cat influencers promises to reach new heights, making it an event not to be missed.

Selection Sunday (Bracket Announcement)

000 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds

Format & FAQ

Since the inception of this competition in 2020, the format and rules have evolved quite a bit.

For those who are new, here is a breakdown of how “March Meowdness” works along with some frequently asked questions we have received over the years.

This bracket competition between 64 cat accounts will follow the same timeline as the Men’s College Basketball March Madness. More on that specific timeline can be found in the preview below.

It was developed in March 2020 when the real March Madness tournament was canceled, and we were all stuck working from home (with our cats) with no sports and limited entertainment.

The tournament will feature accounts that are USA-based, as this makes it possible for our generous brand sponsors (more on them below) to ship out prizes.

All entrants must be cat-focused accounts, and we used our best judgment to be as fair as possible in who we accept while allowing for the most excitement and engagement.

We’re glad you asked! The easiest way is to fill out this form on our website. We will also be accepting some entries via IG DM or emails to

Many accounts from last year will receive an automatic bid into this year, so long as they have been active in posting throughout 2023. It is FREE for cat accounts AND brands to enter.

Also, glad you asked! Once 64 teams have been selected, we will put together a bracket with accounts ranked in order based on follower account and broken into 4 groups seeded 1-16.

Once the bracket is complete, we will post the matchups for each round in story polls on our Instagram @catfluence for followers to vote for which account they would like to win.

The Final Four accounts will all receive pawesome prizes from our generous sponsors (see below)!

First place will receive the most and best prizes, followed by second. The two accounts who lose in the Final Four will also receive several free items.

Brand sponsors get their logo placed permanently displayed on our bracket.

They will also have their Instagram handle listed in the comments of every bracket post we make on IG, and they will be featured in their own social media post that goes out on all of our channels.

Lastly, they will get a writeup at the bottom of this blog post talking about their brand and the prizes that they are generously sponsoring, along with a backlink to their website.

(Note: brands will be responsible for shipping prizes to the winners. Accounts will be based in the USA only)

As mentioned, the matchup polls for each round will be posted to our IG stories and follow the men’s basketball tournament timeline. We try to post our stories in the morning in EST and they will be up for 24 hours.

We will post updates to this blog post after each day, and also make social posts on all our channels prior to each round (we encourage you to follow us and subscribe for post notifications).

Tournament History

Follow the links below to read about the history of March Meowdness over the last four years and learn more about each champion.

Key Dates

Each year, March Meowdness follows the exact schedule of the real-life Men’s Basketball NCAA Tournament.

  • Selection Sunday: Sunday, March 17th (bracket will be announced)
  • First Round: March 21st-22nd (Region 1/4 on 21st, Region 2/3 on 22nd)
  • Second Round: March 23rd-24th (Region 1/4 on 23rd, Region 2/3 on 24th)
  • Sweet 16: March 28th-29th (Region 1/4 on 28th, Region 2/3 on 29th)
  • Elite Eight: March 30th-31st (Region 1/4 on 30th, Region 2/3 on 31st)
  • Final Four: April 6th
  • 🏆 Championship Matchup: April 8th 🏆

2024 Sponsors

Read about the generous brands that will be sponsoring prizes for this year’s bracket challenge!

Introducing DOORWING – your pet’s new best friend and your home’s guardian angel! Tired of worrying about door slams, squishing tails or your furry friend sneaking into the laundry room for an unsupervised adventure? Say goodbye to pet-related door dramas with DOORWING! This nifty gadget locks your doors in a slightly open position, just enough to let in some fresh air but not enough for curious paws to pry open. It’s like a bouncer for your home, keeping out nosy pets while still maintaining a breezy atmosphere.

But wait, there’s more! With DOORWING, you can create a safe haven for your feline friend. No more worries about dogs rummaging through the litter box or toddlers raiding the cat’s food stash. Simply adjust the opening to a purr-fectly sized gap for your cat to come and go as they please, while keeping out unwanted guests. It’s the ultimate solution for pet-proofing without the hassle of bulky gates or permanent installations.

And the best part? DOORWING is as easy as pie to set up! No tools, no adhesives, just snap it on and off in seconds. Plus, it’s portable, so you can take it with you wherever you and your furry family roam. Made with love in Canada by a family-owned company dedicated to eco-friendly practices, DOORWING is not just a pet accessory – it’s a peace-of-mind provider for pet parents everywhere. Say hello to stress-free door management and goodbye to pet-induced pandemonium with DOORWING! 🐾✨

They will be providing a DOORWING Portable Door Lock & Door Stopper (total value of $40 USD) to the winner of March Meowdness.

Kitty Cure emerges as a beacon of innovation in feline grooming, founded on a deep love for cats and a mission to enhance their well-being. Spearheaded by a family of cat enthusiasts, Kitty Cure is dedicated to creating high-quality, stress-free grooming solutions. Their commitment is evident in every product, designed to align with the natural behaviors and needs of cats, ensuring a humane approach to claw maintenance. Proudly North American, Kitty Cure upholds rigorous standards to deliver non-toxic, durable, and eco-friendly products that seamlessly integrate into your cat’s life, promoting a safer, healthier, and happier existence alongside their human companions.

Kitty Cure’s prize for the winner of our March Meowdness tournament is the innovative Kitty Cure Litter Box Emery Board, a testament to their dedication to feline claw care.

This ingenious solution allows cats to self-manage their claw health simply by doing what they do naturally. Measuring 14.5” x 11”, the emery board fits any litter box size and offers a washable, waterproof surface that cats love to scratch. Made with a 320 Micro-grit material coated in aluminum oxide, it’s designed for durability and effectiveness, providing a perfect scratch spot not just in the litter box but anywhere your cat prefers. Kitty Cure’s prize promises to revolutionize how participating cats maintain their claws, combining utility with the joy of natural behavior.

Nestled in the warmth of Phoenix, AZ, Purradise Ranch offers more than just a sanctuary; it’s a forever home for cats in need. Founded by a dedicated trio, Priscilla Dean, Felix G. Ray, and Martha Voss, this non-profit oasis provides over 75 cats with a life of unrestricted freedom in its specially designed one-acre haven. From the sprawling Catty Shack to the playful purrgola, every corner of Purradise Ranch is crafted with love, ensuring the residents not only live but thrive under the Arizona sun.

This year, Purradise Ranch elevates its contribution to March Meowdness with “Adventures in Purradise” on a USB flash drive, an award-winning movie celebrated for its editing at the Old Towne Film Festival.

Alongside the main feature, the drive includes “The Perils of Pawline,” a delightful silent film parody, adding a dash of vintage charm to the mix. This unique prize not only showcases the creative spirit of Purradise Ranch, but also brings a piece of its heartwarming mission into homes everywhere. For a closer look at the whimsical world of Purradise Ranch and their cinematic adventures, visit Purradise Ranch.

Matrix Partners shines as an innovator in the pet marketing sphere, armed with over three decades of specialized expertise in propelling pet product brands to stellar heights. Esteemed for its award-winning strategies, the firm’s prowess spans brand strategy, design, and marketing communications, deeply rooted in a profound understanding of pet parent demographics across generations.

This year, Matrix Partners is set to generously endow the Final Four accounts with an array of prizes on behalf of their illustrious clients, promising an unparalleled boost in visibility and market reach.

1st Place: (1) Van Ness Scratch-N-Relax, (1) HandsOn grooming gloves, (2) Shepherd Boy Farms Freeze-Dried Treats of any flavor, (4) RAWZ wet food cans of any flavor
2nd Place: (4) Hound & Gatos wet food cans of any flavor, (1) Shepherd Boy Farms Goat’s Milk of any blend, (1) Wee Away Grooming Wipes
3rd Place: (4) Natoo meal toppers of any flavor, (1) Wee Away X2 Ultra Concentrated
4th Place: (2) Hound & Gatos wet food cans of any flavor, (1) Wee Away Kitty Calming Wipes

Van Ness is gifting the 1st Place winner of March Meowdness with their Scratch-N-Relax, a dual-purpose cat lounger and scratcher made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard. Designed to safeguard furniture while catering to a cat’s scratching instinct, it also includes Fresh-Nip Natural Catnip to enhance the appeal. This eco-friendly, USA-made product is a thoughtful blend of practicality and environmental consciousness, perfect for any cat’s relaxation and play.

The 1st Place winner in March Meowdness will receive HandsOn Grooming Gloves, transforming grooming into a simple act of petting. These innovative gloves offer a superior experience for both pet and owner, ensuring thorough grooming whether used wet or dry. They’re designed to stay secure on your hands, enhancing the grooming process without the hassle of traditional tools.

The 1st Place winner in March Meowdness will enjoy Shepherd Boy Farms’ Freeze-Dried Treats, offering top-quality, farm-to-bowl flavors for discerning felines. For the 2nd Place prize, Shepherd Boy Farms provides its Goat’s Milk in any blend, a nutritious supplement to support your cat’s health. Proudly family-owned and USA-made, their products represent the pinnacle of natural pet nutrition.

The 1st Place winner in March Meowdness will be treated to four cans of RAWZ Natural Pet Food’s wet food, available in any flavor. RAWZ prides itself on minimally processed, high-quality nutrition, offering gum-free recipes that are pure and simple. Their commitment to providing quality meat and healthy hydration without highly processed meals, gums, or fillers, ensures your pet enjoys the best in natural cat food.

For the 2nd and 4th Place winners, Hound & Gatos will provide cans of their 98% meat recipes wet food, offering a protein-rich diet in a variety of flavors to cater to every cat’s taste. Their commitment to high-quality, meat-first recipes ensures a balanced and nutritious meal for cats of all ages and breeds.

For the March Meowdness prizes, Wee Away offers a variety of grooming and calming products designed with pets and the planet in mind. The 2nd Place winner receives Grooming Wipes, perfect for keeping pets fresh between baths. The 3rd Place prize is the X2 Ultra Concentrated formula, tackling odors and stains efficiently. 4th Place is awarded Kitty Calming Wipes, infused with catnip oil to soothe and calm. These eco-friendly, made in the USA products are gentle, effective, and a testament to Wee Away’s commitment to natural pet care.

3rd Place winners will enjoy Natoo Meal Toppers, an optimal nutrition choice for picky eaters, featuring high protein and limited ingredients to boost health and immunity. This topper turns any meal into a delicious treat while ensuring hydration and added vitamins for your cat’s well-being.

Nestled in Orlando, Fat Cat Gourmet Foods blossomed under the creative helm of Eyal Goldshmid and Deborah Moskowitz, a dynamic duo whose culinary journey transformed their zest for zesty and fiery flavors into a celebrated venture.

Their lineup of sauces, lauded for striking a harmonious balance between heat and taste, showcases an array of exotic blends and all-natural ingredients catering to a spectrum of spice preferences. Inspired by their hefty feline, Tiggy, the brand symbolizes a fusion of personal love for cats and culinary arts.

This year, they’re generously contributing a trio of their signature hot sauces, promising to add a dash of adventure to the winner’s kitchen.

At Catfluence, we’re all about celebrating the unique bond between cats and their human counterparts, especially those who shine on the social stage. With a heart for both the influencers who own cats and the felines who influence us, our brand serves as a hub for everything cat-related – from viral videos and memes to art and products that make cat life better.

Our mission? To elevate the world of cat influencers by providing a platform that not only showcases their adorable antics, but also connects them with brands that want to cater to the cat-loving audience.

For this year’s March Meowdness, the final two accounts will each be rewarded with a Catfluence mug, embodying the spirit of our community with every sip. Additionally, the Final Four will receive Catfluence stickers, perfect for adding a bit of feline flair to any surface, and will get featured in an IG post in the Catfluence feed with a piece of content of their choosing. For the first time ever, the winner will also receive an exclusive Meowdness trophy, the “Catfluence Cup”! Each of the Final Four will also receive a special AI graphic. 

These prizes aren’t just items; they’re tokens of achievement in the cat influencer realm, celebrating the creativity, engagement, and love that each participant brings to the competition. Join us in this celebration of feline fame and influence, where your cat can leave its paw print on the world.

Baker’s Dozen Digital, the virtuoso behind amplifying digital presence, offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for the digital era. From social media growth, SEO optimization, and email marketing strategies to website development, video production, graphic design, and affiliate marketing – they’re the architects of online success.

For March Meowdness, they’re generously offering a free 40-minute Zoom consultation on Instagram growth and influencer partnerships to the winner. This prize is a golden opportunity for any catfluencer looking to skyrocket their digital footprint and enhance their social strategy with expert advice.

Bob Eckstein, celebrated for his humor and artistry as a New Yorker cartoonist and NY Times bestselling author, brings a unique blend of wit and insight to everything he touches. An adjunct professor and host of The Cartoon Pad, Eckstein’s latest literary venture is “The Complete Book of Cat Names (That Your Cat Won’t Answer to, Anyway),” a testament to his engaging storytelling and creative flair.

The March Meowdness winner will be delighted to receive a copy of this book, offering a blend of humor and affection for our feline friends. Discover more about Bob’s remarkable work and journey in the realm of illustration and writing through his website and social media platforms. You can also sign up for his newsletter here.

Felix Cat Insurance distinguishes itself with a singular focus: providing comprehensive insurance solely for cats. They understand that cats aren’t just pets, but family members with specific needs, which is why they’ve tailored their services to offer everything from emergency care coverage to wellness visits, ensuring cat owners can afford the best care without financial stress. Their policies, underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, offer peace of mind to cat owners, covering up to 90% of veterinary bills, including for inherited and congenital conditions, making unexpected medical expenses manageable.

This year, Felix Cat Insurance contributes an Argylle-inspired travel cat backpack as a prize for the March Meowdness winner, blending style with functionality. This unique accessory is perfect for pet owners who love to explore the outdoors with their feline companions, ensuring comfort and safety during adventures. It’s a testament to Felix’s commitment to celebrating the joy of pet ownership and their understanding of the modern cat owner’s lifestyle.

For more detailed information on Felix Cat Insurance’s offerings and to explore the benefits of their cat-centric insurance plans, visit their website. This prize underscores their mission to support the well-being and adventurous spirit of cats and their owners alike, highlighting their dedication to the feline community. Visit Felix Cat Insurance for more information on their specialized plans and this stylish, practical prize.

Uproot Clean revolutionizes pet hair removal with their innovative, easy-to-use tools designed to tackle lint and pet hair across a variety of surfaces. Offering solutions that extend from clothes and furniture to carpets and car interiors, Uproot Clean ensures your living spaces remain pristine and hair-free.

This year’s prize, the “Fur-nado Survival Kit,” includes the Uproot Mini, Pro, and Max – each tool specifically engineered to address pet hair challenges big and small, whether at home or on the go. The Mini excels in tight corners and during travel, the Pro is perfect for in-car use, cat towers, and around the house, while the Max is ideal for larger areas like carpets, rugs, and car trunks.

Pawsitive Joy stands out as a leader in compassion and quality in the pet industry, dedicated to enriching the lives of cats and dogs through their carefully selected products. Rooted in Texas, this American and woman-owned online pet store mirrors the deep bond pet owners share with their furry family members, offering everything from cozy beds to engaging toys. Beyond providing top-tier pet products, Pawsitive Joy actively supports animal welfare, with a portion of each sale aiding the foster program at Operation Kindness. For March Meowdness, they’re offering two exceptional prizes:

For the First Place prize, Pawsitive Joy’s Cat Grooming Kit is a meticulously assembled collection designed for comprehensive care. It includes an Automatic Smart Cat Self-Groomer & Massager that not only aids in removing loose fur but also doubles as a relaxing massager, promoting your cat’s well-being. Additionally, the kit features two Cat Wall Corner Combs, perfect for self-grooming and reducing shedding, alongside a Self-cleaning Pet Brush that simplifies maintenance with its fur release mechanism. This prize embodies the essence of Pawsitive Joy’s commitment to pet care, blending functionality with convenience.

The Second Place prize showcases the Automatic Self-Groomer and Cat Massager, a device that revolutionizes the grooming process. Engineered to activate upon your cat’s proximity, it gently removes loose fur while offering a soothing massage. This tool not only aids in keeping your cat’s coat healthy but also provides a calming experience, thanks to its ability to collect pheromones and mimic the sensation of being groomed.

The Purr Paws Bros, shared through a poignant blog by Jiawen on Catfluence, encapsulates the journey of love, empathy, and understanding towards our feline companions. Jiawen, the driving force behind @thepurrpawsbros, merges her passions for art, design, and animal welfare to create a meaningful narrative around pet ownership. Her insights into the importance of nutrition, the decision against generic food brands in favor of a balanced raw diet, and proactive health management through DNA testing showcase a profound commitment to feline well-being.

This dedication is mirrored in their March Meowdness contribution: a pair of branded cat earrings, inspired by Pablo, symbolizing the deep and affectionate bond between cats and their humans. These earrings are not just accessories but a celebration of the stories and love shared at The Purr Paws Bros.

For a deeper understanding of Jiawen’s philosophy and The Purr Paws Bros’ heartwarming tale, read the full blog on Catfluence. This story is a testament to the transformative power of pet ownership, emphasizing empathy, care, and the joy pets bring into our lives.

Kidney-Chek steps up to support March Meowdness with a crucial contribution aimed at feline well-being: a 3-test kit for cats. This is a simple, 2-minute saliva test helps ensure pet owners can monitor their beloved companions’ kidney health from the comfort of home.

Recognizing the importance of early detection in managing kidney issues, Kidney-Chek offers a straightforward, reliable method for keeping tabs on one of the most common health challenges faced by our furry friends. Detecting kidney disease earlier in pets, and providing proper treatment, can double their remaining lifespan.

This prize underscores the commitment to pet health, offering peace of mind to the winning cat influencer’s human counterpart. For insights into maintaining your pet’s health and details on the significance of kidney health screening, visit KidneyChek and Catfluence’s dedicated resources.

From The Brand:

Kidney damage is not reversible, so the best thing you can do for your pet is preventative screening! Add more happy and healthy years to your pet’s life by using Kidney-Chek, a saliva urea test that pet parents can use between vet visits to screen their cat and dog’s kidney health from home in just 2 minutes! Check if your pet is at high risk for kidney disease here!

Kidney-Chek is made by SN Biomedical, an Alberta-based, small business. We are passionate about preventative health for pets and their guardians.

Stay up to date on best practices for kidney health and pet care on our BlogInstagram, and Facebook.

All The Bad Cats is set to reward the March Meowdness Final 4 with a unique prize: a personalized cat portrait by the renowned cat painter Matt Timms. Esteemed for his mission to paint 1000 cats, Matt’s portraits are not just artworks but vivid narratives of feline dynamism and personality.

With a valuation of $120 each, these portraits embody more than monetary worth; they are timeless tributes to your cat’s character. Finalists will have the opportunity to share their cat’s essence through photos and stories, ensuring a masterpiece that’s as priceless as the bond shared with their pet.

For a glimpse into Matt’s captivating work, visit his Instagram: @allthebadcats.

Wake up to the purr-fect cup of coffee with Bad Cat Coffee Company, a local gem that’s all about combining the love for coffee with feline finesse. Founded by Traci and inspired by her adorable cat, Patches, Bad Cat isn’t just another coffee shop. It’s a destination for coffee aficionados and cat lovers alike, located in the bustling Morgan Street Food Hall at 411 W. Morgan Street, Raleigh, NC.

At Bad Cat Coffee Co., every sip comes with a story. The coffee is locally roasted, ensuring each cup is fresh and flavorful, with a range of cat-themed lattes that promise a unique caffeinated experience. But it doesn’t stop at coffee; the menu also boasts delicious bagel sandwiches and crepes, making it the go-to spot for both your morning boost and tasty treats.

And for those who can’t make it to Raleigh? No worries! Bad Cat Coffee Co. extends its claws across the USA with shipping options that bring their delectable brews right to your doorstep. They’ve also made waves as a full-service coffee shop at the Raleigh Flea Market in the Education Building, further spreading their passion for quality coffee and cat culture.

This year, they’re stepping up their game with an enticing prize for the March Meowdness winner: a tote bag, a t-shirt, and a bag of their signature coffee. It’s not just a prize; it’s an invitation to experience the heart and soul of Bad Cat Coffee Co. from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re local or nationwide, you can indulge in their merch and coffee available online, and even order through DoorDash for those days when you just need that Bad Cat fix without leaving the house. Visit Bad Cat Coffee Co. for a blend of coffee mastery and cat love that will leave you meowing for more.