Written By: Lori Genstein, Owner, Purrsonal Space Cat Lounge

You’re not alone! What does that space look like; what feelings does it elicit when you think about having time for yourself? Unsure because it’s been so long? Well, we’ve created it PURRfectly for you and you’re already on your way there…

Sit far back in this comfy chair; put a pillow behind you if you’d like, now whisper: PURRsonal Space, here I come. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in of the calm, welcoming energy surrounding you and focus on the soft music you hear in the background.

Every muscle relaxes as your body relinquishes to peace and tranquility taking over. Exhaling, you feel something rubbing back and forth against your legs. Uncertain what’s in your lap, but, rather than startled, you fall into a deeper state of relaxation from its warm vibrating sensations increasingly getting stronger. Reaching out, fingers touching a soft texture, now hearing the vibrations, loudly!

You’re smiling, even begin to laugh a little, in the midst of a meditative state of calm and contentment…

Welcome to PURRsonal Space – SJ’s Cat Lounge & Adoptions in Palmyra, NJ.

Many others share the same FEEL-ines discovering their happy place as they visit cat lounges around the world, experiencing the therapeutic benefits of PURRs petting and playing with homeless cats for adoption.

Themes of lounges vary but all share a common mission: Save homeless cats, facilitate adoptions, provide humane education and advocacy, help prevent animal cruelty, homelessness, end suffering, cats born on the street and euthanasia of healthy cats.

Inside cat lounges MEOWgical things happen:

  • Lives are saved, forever changed, both cats’ and humans’ alike
  • Cats kissed their cages goodbye and are now given second chances after losing their families; others are learning trust and love from humans for the first time
  • Hearts and homes are fulfilled; anxiety and stress alleviated; sadness and grief healed
  • Children are properly introduced to cats
  • Families and friends spend quality time together
  • All ages learn cat communication, proper care, experience positive interaction, the beauty and joy of cats
  • Special occasions are celePURRated amongst fabulous felines
  • Seniors stay active, reaching, bending, playing with cats
  • Education through recreation is fun with felines
  • Lots of cuddles, PURRs, catnaps, playtime, petting, smiles, snuggles and selfies are taken
  • Forever memories are created and much more
  • YOU help make that MEOWgic for each cat when you visit

Opening your eyes at PURRsonal Space, pastel colors add to the calmness along with soothing sounds of an aquarium. Cat enrichment fills The Lounge, on the walls, along the floor, and cats of varying ages and PURRsonalities roam freely in a cage-free environment allowing for natural cat behaviors. Some furry friends greet you, others are grooming, playing, but all show their aPURRciation for your love!

Books and information displayed around encourage cat conversation and help parents form stronger bonds with their cats. Visitors lacking a fondness for felines are some of our favorites because they always leave taking PAWsitive with them fostering a positive perception for cats.

Our delightful cats for adoption are nurtured, provided a tremendous amount of love, socialization, appropriate stimulation, food and veterinary care until their special PURRson/Family is found. Currently, some young cats are zooming around, but our nonprofit cat rescue PURRsonal Space ‘ROCKS’, Inc., primarily focuses on helping shelters save adult cats, vulnerable populations and cats with individualized needs. Although there’s a limit to the number of cats permitted at The Lounge, we’re continuously serving our community helping other cats in need.

Many cat lounges operate with volunteers. Everyone can make a difference! Please never underestimate the significance of what and how you may contribute.

Your happy place to escape the pressure and stress of everyday life is a temporary home for homeless cats in need and your entry fees and donations support our life-saving efforts. Loud PURRs for helping make MEOWgic happen while you enjoy it happening.

Hoping your “envisioned” visit peaked the curiosity of the cat lover in MEW. Schedule your in-PURRson visit @ https://PURRsonalSpaceReservation.as.me or contact Lori Genstein at (856) 786-PURR (7877). Get directions here.

Smiles and laughter are guaranteed! 😸