Many of our hooman friends are missing out on March Madness this year as all sports have been cancelled due to Coronavirus/COVID-19.

To keep you sane while stuck with your #QuarantineCats, we put together a bracket of 64 “Cat Influencers”.

Please note, the rankings are based solely on follower count.

Many of these accounts were submitted through our Instagram story poll, and others were chosen based on our own preference, or that they are supporters of @Catfluence.

Do not take it personally if you are not on this bracket – it is meant to just be fun!

We will also be giving out away a FREE t-shirt AND sticker to one user who fills out this bracket and posts it to their story.

You can download a .pdf version here, or get a .png.

Download the ELITE 8 here.

We’ll be posting each round on our IG stories as well to get the “fan favorite” winner.

The winner will receive a prize as well!!!

Have fun everyone and be safe!