Written by: Jason and Noah, Inspire Unity Founders

Hey everyone! First off we wanted to say, we’re extremely excited @Catfluence asked us to be part of their blog and we’re honored to share the project we’ve been creating over the past few months or so for every single cat lover out there.

That being said, let’s get into it!! We’re Inspire Unity and our goal is to unify people through things we have in common, all while creating an awesome, fun, interactive, unique way of donating to good causes for as little as $1! This is made possible through the mosaic collages on our website.

A mosaic collage is thousands of small little pictures coming together to create a larger one. Which is a direct representation of how we should be as humans. All us little individual people joining together to realize we’re all here on earth experiencing this thing called “life” TOGETHER!!

Now, you’re probably asking how this came about. I’m here to answer, step by step, but it might look a little confusing so follow along.

  1. The world has gone through a crazy time the past year or so with 76% of people around the world feeling that their country is divided.
  2. My family recently adopted a siamese cat with feline leukemia and we absolutely fell in love with her (She’s doing amazing btw).
  3. Laying in bed at night really gives you some great thoughts.

Take all three of those, put them in a mixing pot, and there you have it, Inspire Unity was born! We decided it was time to take a stand and create something that will allow people to physically see (through the collages) that we are 100% capable of ridding division, provide a more fun way of donating to organizations rather than the boring traditional donating websites (boringgggg), and do this all through things we love and have in common.

Due to the recent adoption of our family cat, my partner and I decided to run our very first project for cat lovers all over the world. How this works is people go to our website and create an account. They are then able to upload their picture(s) of their cat(s) to the collage and give their donation!

Whether it’s $1 or $1,000,000 it is all much appreciated and will impact so many lives. For donations $1-$24.99 you are able to get your picture on the collage, $25-$49.99 you get your picture on the collage and an Inspire Unity beanie, $50-$99.99 you get your picture on the collage and an Inspire Unity hoodie, and $100+ you get your picture on the collage and an Inspire Unity blanket! (All shipping can only be done within the US)

Cat photo collage

This final paragraph is to anyone within the cat community. We need your help, we cannot do this alone. The world is going through tough times and it’s time to stand up. We chose cats as our first project due to the strength that comes from within the community. The amount of uploads to the site determines the impact we make on our partnered shelter.

The shelter is Fur Angels Rescue Shelter out of Toledo, OH. Our goal for this first project is 1 MILLION uploads and it’s only possible if we come together and make it happen. We would be able to add multiple shelters to that list and impact thousands of lives. WE NEED YOU! Go to the site and upload your pictures today. Thank you!

Website: inspire-unity.com

Instagram: @inspireunity_

Twitter: @Inspireunity20

TikTok: @inspire.unity

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