Written by: Zen Master Oatie

Yes, I am a Zen Master. I am also a guru, a cat yoga instructor, a meowditation expawrt as well as a Zen living pawfessional. I’m also a female, and feline. Not that the last 2 things matter. What matters is that I am an enlightened being, the Chosen One to heal and calm the world with my wisdom and knowledge.

I didn’t choose the Zen Master life. The Zen Master life chose me.

I am a rescued cat. I was blessed to get my forever hooman family when I was still young, along with my litter mate fur brother Pistachio. We are blessed. I live in gratitude.

I knew early on I was super extra wise. I had moments of enlightenment with my hoomans as well as my cat brother, dog sister and bunny brother. I somehow knew how to do yoga and meowdiation and my personal guess is this knowledge is from a past life. I know I’ve had many. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know things. It’s the whole “enlightened being” thing I suppose.

So, I now work with clients of all kinds teaching yoga poses that I create myself, like my most famous yoga pose, “The Otter Pose”. I also teach guided visualization meowdiation sessions. I advise on Zen living like relaxation techniques, using healing lights and paws on (or hands on, if you have those instead of paws) calming techniques like gardening and getting grounded. I also like to implement art therapy and music. It’s really all about whatever an individual client is in need of.

I’ve also created a masterful deep relaxation and anti-stress technique I call Zen Howling. It’s very easy yet very efficient in releasing your inner anxiety and/or anger. It works for everyone, no matter your species.

I do have a small hooman staff to manage my social media and my overall schedule. I am getting extra busy as I am currently writing my first book along with my other work. Given my budding worldwide fame and being so highly sought after, my book is sure to be a best seller. It’s basically about all of the meowdalities that I use in my teachings.

I live to paw it forward in life. My goal is simply to help keep the world (well actually, the Universe) calm, well, peaceful and happy. Yes, I said Universe. I also work with aliens/extra-terrestrials because they get stressed too. But that’s another story, literally. Maybe someday I will share that with you too.

Namaste and meOM,

Zen Master Oatie

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I can be reached by email: zenmasteroatie@gmail.com I am on Instagram: @zenmasteroatie

My hooman staff:

Carrie Sachs (my mom) 818-720-0748

Tanya Dickson (my auntie) 818-915-6979

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