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About Cattitude

Cattitude is a podcast on the Pet Life Radio Digital Radio Network. And you should listen. Ok, I know that comes across a bit biased since I am the show host of Cattitude. But here is why……there is a lot of GREAT information for you, the cat pet parent.

Here is my journey to Cattitude. I was asked to be the host of Cattitude in 2017. The original show host was Tom Dock.

Tom was a Veterinary Technician with a deep interest in research. He hosted the first 23 episodes of Cattitude. His shows mostly focused on detailed information on a variety of feline breeds. They are great shows with an abundance of facts and information.

When I was asked to take over Cattitude, having hosted Best Bets for Pets since 2010, I initially refused.

Although at that time my cat crew had grown to a team of 5 cats (listen to episode 24), I felt I simply did not know enough about cats. But my producer kept asking. So I thought about what I could bring to the show.

Would I be able to have interesting content? Can I provide advice to the cat parent though I am not a Vet or Vet tech?

I told my producer I would host Cattitude, but my viewpoint would be very different from the former host. I really wanted to focus from the viewpoint of the cat pet parent.

When I select my show topics, I always consider the pet parent, my listener.

What is of interest to a pet parent or prospective pet parent? How can we talk about it so people all over the world will understand the concept?

Though most of my listeners are in North America, I am thrilled and honored to have listeners worldwide. (Power of the internet!)

And always……make it fun! Though it is tough when we talk about serious issues such as TNR and eliminating cat euthanasia.

Some of my Fav Shows

Episode 55: Kitty Bungalow

This was the second part of my series on Feral and Community Cat Rescue. I had just gone through my personal experience in TNR (Episode 54) and was still eager to talk about the subject.

Kitty Bungalow is one of the most unique cat rescues. They work with 100% feral and community cats and put them through charm school!! Kitty Bungalow does amazing work in rescuing and socializing street kitties.

Episode 64 and 96: IAMMOSHOW

If you love cats… gotta take a listen to iammoshow.

Mo is a soft-spoken Cat Rapper on a mission to share love and positivity to all things cat.

On both shows he was raising funds for cat rescues. If you have not viewed his videos……you are missing out. My personal fav is “The Slide”.

Episode 90: Dr. Bernadine Cruz

Did you ever drop a vitamin or aspirin and think, no problem, I will just find it later? Well, not if you have cats! This was my idea when asking Dr. Bernandine Cruz to be a guest and talk about the dangers of household medicines and your cat.

Dr. Bernadine is a Veterinarian and Author that hosts The Pet Doctor on Pet Life Radio.

She is an expert in her field and assisted in developing a first aid program for cats and dogs that is endorsed by the Humane Society and the American Red Cross. This resulted in a highly informative show.

I am so honored that Cattitude has a huge listening audience. It continues to be one of the most popular cat podcasts on the internet. I truly believe that one of the main reasons we have so many listeners (besides having great guests) is that I am fortunate to have an amazing producer.

In my mind, I think I am pretty good, but I know for sure that it is my producer that really makes Cattitude sound so much better for the listener.

If you have a chance, please take a listen to Cattitude. I am always open to suggestions, so please send your ideas to As always, thanks for listening!

P.S. – Check us out on the podcast with Michelle:

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