Your cat’s health is important! Take note of these five tips to keep your pet healthy, presented by Kidney-Chek™.

1. Hydration is important.

Make sure clean water is always available, and it’s even better to have multiple water bowls or fountains in multiple rooms so your pet never has to go far to get a drink.

2. Feed a diet that is appropriate for the life stage and health status of your pet.

Feeding both canned and dry foods can be beneficial!

Ask your veterinary team to check your pet’s food if you have questions about pet food nutrient profiles, how many calories your pet should be eating, or for general nutritional advice.

3. Make sure your pet sees their vet regularly!

Veterinarians perform full nose-to-tail exams and make detailed notes so they can tell if there are any changes from previous appointments.

Regular laboratory tests, even if your pet appears healthy, are also critical for vets to see if there are any concerning changes.

Vets can potentially catch CKD in the earliest stages by noticing trends in lab work, even if everything is still in the normal range.

4. Keep on top of that bad breath!

Dental disease is caused by bacteria in the mouth and has been associated with damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys.

If your pet already has lots of tartar on their teeth, get a veterinarian to perform a thorough dental cleaning under anesthesia so you can take over the rest of the dental care at home.

Feeding special dental food or treats, using water additives, and regular tooth brushing are all good ways to keep those pearly whites healthy!

5. Use Kidney-Chek™ in-between your pet’s regular vet appointments to make sure there are no health issues developing!

Early detection of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the most important step in treating your pet and keeping them healthy, yet this can be difficult, as clinical signs are easy to miss and often don’t become obvious until the later stages of CKD.

Thankfully, Kidney-Chek™ can help, with a faster, more affordable and non-invasive saliva screening test you can use at home!

If Kidney-Chek™ alerts you to a problem, it’s important to follow up with your veterinarian as soon as possible to figure out the best treatment plan for you and your pet. Try it today!

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