(Images via Raymond Hall/Getty Images, Getty Images, and Mariska Hartigay/IG)

2023 was another year of amazing cat stories! Here are some of our favorites (in no particular order):

1. Actress Mariska Hargitay Names Her Cat Karma to Honor Taylor Swift

A “full circle” moment occurred when Law and Order SVU actress, Mariska Hartigay, posted about her new cat named Karma, named after Taylor Swift. For those who don’t know, Taylor got a cat in 2014 and named her Olivia after Hartigay’s character in SVU, Olivia Benson.

(Mariska Hartigay/IG)

2. Stevenage Railway cat Nala Cat Goes Viral at Stevenage Railway in UK

Nala, a special cat that made a busy Stevenage railway station her second home has been delighting UK commuters with her adventures.

(Adventures of Nala)

3. Sarah Jessica Parker Adopts Cat Featured in ‘And Just Like That’

Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in ‘And Just Like That’, a sequel to ‘Sex In The City’, adopts a cat named Shoe. Then, SJP adopted the cat IRL and named him Lotus!

(Sarah Jessica Parker/IG)

4. Goose from ‘The Marvels’ Takes Over Las Vegas Sphere

Goose, the cat-like alien creature that appeared in Captain Marvel and returned in The Marvels, towered over the Las Vegas skyline on the outside of the recently-opened Sphere.

(Autodesk/Marvel promo on Sphere AD RENDERING IMAGE COURTESY OF THE MILL)

5. Service Cat Zebby Who Hears for Deaf Owners Named UK National Cat of the Year

Zebby, a special cat who helps his deaf owner, 66-year-old Genevieve Moss, around the house was named Cats Protection’s National Cat of the Year 2023. He supports her by alerting her to noises like the phone ringing or a guest at the door.

(Lucy Ray/PA)