Written by: Jane Morocco, CEO, Living Art USA

In 2019, 67% of all US households owned pets.

Currently, with the COVID-19 pandemic and more people working from home, this percentage keeps climbing. We are a nation of animal lovers.

As a cat and plant owner, the health and safety of my cats is very important to me. There are many plants that are toxic to cats.

Some, you probably have in your home right now. I have created a list of not only cat-safe plants, but plants which are beautiful greenery for your home.

Besides being safe around all pets and children, these plants also have benefits to us humans, such as air-purifying benefits which help us reduce our daily stress.

It is important to note, I always recommend to cat owners to do their own research and select plants based on your own cat’s behavior. Too much nibbling of any plant, pet-safe or not will cause an upset stomach.

Here’s my list of the best cat-friendly plants…

1. The Money Tree Plant

Not only is the Money Tree beautiful and easy to grow, it is said to bring you luck, positive energy and financial success.

2. Parlor Palm

Cultivated since the Victorian era, this easy to grow species of Palm Tree is known for its resilience to any indoor condition.

3. Peperomia

This popular houseplant is sometimes known as a baby rubber plant. Peperomia houseplants with their beautiful color can brighten your indoor decor. It also can be propagated from leaf cuttings.

4. Calathea

Often called the “Prayer Plant” because of their unique leaf movements, At night, the leaves fold up as if they are folding into a prayer. It prefers indirect lighting, which means makes it perfect for indoor usage and office buildings.

5. Echeveria

The Echeveria is known for its fleshy, water-storing leaves, which means it doesn’t have to be watered as often as your other plants. They have a wide diversity of colors and shapes too.

About Jane Morocco & Living Art USA

My name is Jane Morocco and I’m the owner of Living Art USA. Living Art USA is an eco-friendly company and we feature Pet & Child Safe Plants.