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Kidney-Chek's Top 5 Tips to Help Keep Your Pet Healthy

Your cat's health is important! Take note of these five tips to keep your pet healthy, presented by Kidney-Chek™.

1. Hydration is important.

Make sure clean water is always available, and it's even better to have multiple water bowls or fountains in multiple rooms so your pet never has to go far to get a drink.

2. Feed a diet that is appropriate for the life stage and health status of your pet.

Feeding both canned and dry foods can be beneficial!

Ask your veterinary team to check your pet’s food if you have questions about pet food nutrient profiles, how many calories your pet should be eating, or for general nutritional advice.

3. Make sure your pet sees their vet regularly!

Veterinarians perform full nose-to-tail exams and make detailed notes so they can tell if there are any changes from previous appointments.

Regular laboratory tests, even if your pet appears healthy, are also critical for vets to see if there are any concerning changes.

Vets can potentially catch CKD in the earliest stages by noticing trends in lab work, even if everything is still in the normal range.

4. Keep on top of that bad breath!

Dental disease is caused by bacteria in the mouth and has been associated with damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys.

If your pet already has lots of tartar on their teeth, get a veterinarian to perform a thorough dental cleaning under anesthesia so you can take over the rest of the dental care at home.

Feeding special dental food or treats, using water additives, and regular tooth brushing are all good ways to keep those pearly whites healthy!

5. Use Kidney-Chek™ in-between your pet's regular vet appointments to make sure there are no health issues developing!

Early detection of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the most important step in treating your pet and keeping them healthy, yet this can be difficult, as clinical signs are easy to miss and often don’t become obvious until the later stages of CKD.

Thankfully, Kidney-Chek™ can help, with a faster, more affordable and non-invasive saliva screening test you can use at home!

If Kidney-Chek™ alerts you to a problem, it's important to follow up with your veterinarian as soon as possible to figure out the best treatment plan for you and your pet. Try it today!

kidney-check cat kidney urea test product

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How To Open A Cat Cafe

Written By: Whitney Sickels & Heath Hanson, Owners, Naughty Cat Cafe

So you want to know HOW to open a cat cafe. However, the first question shouldn’t be HOW… but WHY open a cat cafe.

Being discontent with your current 9-5, loving animals, or having always wanted to start your own business are all good motivations but they are NOT good reasons.

In our opinion, there is only one reason to open a cat cafe and that is to support the existing efforts in your community. By serving as a foster home and adoption facility, cat cafes help local shelters and rescues by relieving the stress of overcrowding, providing a space for the cats to get much-needed socialization, and handling adoption administration. Most importantly, cat cafes provide an additional way for homeless cats to get exposure outside of the shelter environment.

So you have to first ask yourself: Does your community NEED a cat cafe? The best way to answer this is to go to your local shelters and rescues and ask them if a cat cafe would add value to their efforts. They are the experts and have spent plenty of time and resources developing strategies on how to meet the needs of animals in your community. It is your job to first see if a cat cafe has a place in that strategy without forcing it.

Maybe your local shelter is transferring in most of their cats from other communities and really needs help with launching a TNR program instead. Perhaps you already have a cat cafe in your area, and what is really needed is a low cost spay and neuter clinic.

The bottom line is, do not create a need that does not exist. Do not re-invent the wheel or replicate existing efforts in the community.

One of the biggest challenges in communities can be getting similar organizations to work together towards the same goal. It is essential that we all keep focused on our shared goals and look for ways to support and complement one another’s efforts.

After you have done your research and spoken to your local groups, if it is determined that a cat cafe is the best tactic in your communities’ existing strategy, then go for it! And subscribe to this channel.

BUT BEFORE YOU QUIT YOUR DAY JOB, you have got some homework to do. While at first glance a cat cafe may seem as straightforward and simple as a room full of cats, it is far more complex. It requires knowledge and expertise in many areas outside of caring for cats, such as shelter medicine experience, a keen understanding small business management, marketing, bookkeeping and accounting, commercial real estate and contract law. Not to mention the endless hours of work, massive amounts of money and a surprising number of legal risks involved.

We say all of this not to scare you away, but to help provide you with the most information up front, so you don’t set yourself and the cats, up to fail. That is why we have created a series of videos on How to Start a Cat Cafe so that you can have a more realistic assessment of the inherent challenges of pioneering this unique concept. There are so many communities that still have not even heard of a cat cafe and attempting to introduce the concept can be overwhelming.

It is at this point we suggest that you craft your mission statement. In developing this unique concept, there are many elements that must be balanced and sometimes compete with one another. By having a clear mission statement from the beginning, it will serve as a Rubrik to which you can constantly refer to when making strategic decisions.

Our mission statement at Naughty Cat Cafe is to provide a healthy and safe environment for the community to socialize with and adopt cats from our local shelters. We work to enhance the bond between humans and animals and raise awareness on the importance of spay and neuter.

If you are still reading and are not a scaredy cat, then get to work!

About Naughty Cat Cafe

Naughty Cat Cafe is a comfortable and healthy space to interact with adoptable cats and enjoy coffee, tea, beer and baked goods. Chattanooga's first and only cat cafe! Plenty of free parking! Must be 11 years or older. OPEN Wednesday - Sunday. CLOSED Monday & Tuesday. Book meow!

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NJ Influencers; Inspiring Growth in Their Communities

Montclair State University students, Tyler Delp and Reggie Gonzales, published an article on New Jersey influencers and the impact they have on inspiring growth in their communities. They sat down one evening and interviewed Harris Baker of Catfluence along with Elliot and Olivia as part of this piece. Check out the article here or watch the video below!

purrsonal space cat lounge palmyra nj

Ever Feel in Need of Some PURRsonal Space?

Written By: Lori Genstein, Owner, Purrsonal Space Cat Lounge

You’re not alone! What does that space look like; what feelings does it elicit when you think about having time for yourself? Unsure because it’s been so long? Well, we’ve created it PURRfectly for you and you’re already on your way there...

Sit far back in this comfy chair; put a pillow behind you if you’d like, now whisper: PURRsonal Space, here I come. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in of the calm, welcoming energy surrounding you and focus on the soft music you hear in the background.

Every muscle relaxes as your body relinquishes to peace and tranquility taking over. Exhaling, you feel something rubbing back and forth against your legs. Uncertain what’s in your lap, but, rather than startled, you fall into a deeper state of relaxation from its warm vibrating sensations increasingly getting stronger. Reaching out, fingers touching a soft texture, now hearing the vibrations, loudly!

You’re smiling, even begin to laugh a little, in the midst of a meditative state of calm and contentment...

Welcome to PURRsonal Space - SJ’s Cat Lounge & Adoptions in Palmyra, NJ.

Many others share the same FEEL-ines discovering their happy place as they visit cat lounges around the world, experiencing the therapeutic benefits of PURRs petting and playing with homeless cats for adoption.

Themes of lounges vary but all share a common mission: Save homeless cats, facilitate adoptions, provide humane education and advocacy, help prevent animal cruelty, homelessness, end suffering, cats born on the street and euthanasia of healthy cats.

Inside cat lounges MEOWgical things happen:

  • Lives are saved, forever changed, both cats’ and humans’ alike
  • Cats kissed their cages goodbye and are now given second chances after losing their families; others are learning trust and love from humans for the first time
  • Hearts and homes are fulfilled; anxiety and stress alleviated; sadness and grief healed
  • Children are properly introduced to cats
  • Families and friends spend quality time together
  • All ages learn cat communication, proper care, experience positive interaction, the beauty and joy of cats
  • Special occasions are celePURRated amongst fabulous felines
  • Seniors stay active, reaching, bending, playing with cats
  • Education through recreation is fun with felines
  • Lots of cuddles, PURRs, catnaps, playtime, petting, smiles, snuggles and selfies are taken
  • Forever memories are created and much more
  • YOU help make that MEOWgic for each cat when you visit

Opening your eyes at PURRsonal Space, pastel colors add to the calmness along with soothing sounds of an aquarium. Cat enrichment fills The Lounge, on the walls, along the floor, and cats of varying ages and PURRsonalities roam freely in a cage-free environment allowing for natural cat behaviors. Some furry friends greet you, others are grooming, playing, but all show their aPURRciation for your love!

Books and information displayed around encourage cat conversation and help parents form stronger bonds with their cats. Visitors lacking a fondness for felines are some of our favorites because they always leave taking PAWsitive with them fostering a positive perception for cats.

Our delightful cats for adoption are nurtured, provided a tremendous amount of love, socialization, appropriate stimulation, food and veterinary care until their special PURRson/Family is found. Currently, some young cats are zooming around, but our nonprofit cat rescue PURRsonal Space ‘ROCKS’, Inc., primarily focuses on helping shelters save adult cats, vulnerable populations and cats with individualized needs. Although there’s a limit to the number of cats permitted at The Lounge, we’re continuously serving our community helping other cats in need.

Many cat lounges operate with volunteers. Everyone can make a difference! Please never underestimate the significance of what and how you may contribute.

Your happy place to escape the pressure and stress of everyday life is a temporary home for homeless cats in need and your entry fees and donations support our life-saving efforts. Loud PURRs for helping make MEOWgic happen while you enjoy it happening.

Hoping your “envisioned” visit peaked the curiosity of the cat lover in MEW. Schedule your in-PURRson visit @ or contact Lori Genstein at (856) 786-PURR (7877). Get directions here.

Smiles and laughter are guaranteed! 😸

Multifunctional, Sustainable & Modern: SØDE Design Cat Specific Furniture

Amsterdam, Netherlands - On April 5th, 2022 SØDE Design launched a collection of luxury cat accessories that helps to maintain Scandinavian elegance in your home.

SØDE Design is launching ORIGAMEOW, an all-in-one bar stool and scratching post, and introducing FLOWER PAWER, a flower box and vertical scratching post. The ORIGAMEOW and FLOWER PAWER come assembled and delivered in a cardboard box, which after unpacking is easily transformed into a cat house.

Designed with the help of a veterinarian and cat behaviorist, experienced Marketing Director and Interior Designer Carøle Picou-Katmann wanted to create long-lasting pieces that offer an alternative to ugly cat furniture. Handmade in Portugal where renewable energy and good working conditions underpin the manufacturing process, these pieces of cat furniture have sustainable designs that both cats and humans alike will love.

"At SØDE Design, sustainability is crucial and we are the first to create furniture designs different from what is currently available." says founder Carole. "Our goal is to make beautiful, functional and timeless cat furniture with the environment in mind. The furniture is made of high-quality materials, produced in Europe, with care and respect for people, cats and the environment. Our products are inspired by cats and come in a stylish Scandinavian design."

ORIGAMEOW is a multi-functional hideaway, perch, scratcher, and play space for kitties that also serves as a seat for humans. Made from premium recycled cardboard, sustainably sourced wood, and Oeko-Tex Certified fabrics that are all safe for the environment and safe for your cat. A unique play rope that is hand woven using recycled industrial waste that is durable and safe for cats to play with.

cat next to a stool scratching post

FLOWER PAWER, a wall-mounted cat scratcher with a built-in flower pot on top. Made with recycled cardboard, eco-certified wood, and Portuguese cork for an elegant and natural look. This sturdy scratcher can be mounted at any height to give your cat a nice stretch while scratching and the play rope adds extra fun.

flower pot cat pole scratcher

SØDE Design is crowdfunding to raise €23,000 on Kickstarter until May 5th, 2022. Perks include a discounted Early Bird FLOWER PAWER made with premium cork, cardboard, textile, and wood for €169, saving €80 off retail with delivery by October 2022.

Carole Picou-Katmann
Kickstarter: and-human
Press Page:

About SØDE Design

SØDE Design is the first company operating at the intersection of pet, interior and sustainability, developing stylish furniture & accessories in a Scandinavian design, for both the cat and cat owner.

2022 Catfluence March Meowdness Tournament

Championship & Tournament Summary

After three weeks of “meowdness”, we have our winner! Congratulations to #4 @abdulscats (176k) on his 948 votes (53%) to #10 @catnamedpizza (4.6k) 829 (47%). It was truly a valiant effort by Pizza and The Pizza Cat Army, but in the end, it was not enough to take down Abdul, Bambi, and his fosters.

Abdul and Pizza, along with #12 @count_salem (2.1k) and #5 @tunatheadventurecat (70.1k) will all be receiving prizes from our brand sponsors. More information about the brands and prizes can be found at the bottom of this page.

Thank you to everyone for their support in this year’s tournament. Whether you were a catfluencer/human in the bracket, voted and shared posts/stories, or sponsored a prize as a brand, it has not gone unnoticed, and I am eternally grateful. I’ll be taking a few weeks off from Catfluence after this to get caught up on some much-needed sleep and RNR.


View Bracket

Final 4 Summary & Championship Preview

#4 @abdulscats (176k), who has dominated this years’ tournament thus far, continued in a similar fashion with a 362-99 vote victory over #5 @tunatheadventurecat (70.1k) to advance.

On the other side of the bracket, #10 @catnamedpizza (4.6k) and #12 @count_salem (2.1k) went back and forth all day sharing control of the lead, but in the end, Pizza was the victor, with 314 votes to Salem’s 290, which came out to 52% and 48%, respectively. What a hard-fought matchup, and congratulations to both!

The championship match and will begin on the morning of Monday 4/4, and will conclude the following morning on Tuesday 4/5. Tune into our IG stories so you can vote on the poll for the winner!

After completion of the tournament, we will contact the Final Four accounts and distribute prizes accordingly. Thank you all for the support.

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Elite 8 Summary & Final 4 Preview

After two weeks of madness, we have our Final Four!

In Region 1, #5 @tunatheadventurecat (70.1k) took out the highest remaining seed and follower count, #3 @nathan_thebeachcat (536k), by a narrow margin of 9 votes. In Region 3, #4 @abdulscats (176k) defeated our lowest remaining see #15 @boyce_brotherz (385) in impressive fashion, with 566 votes to 59.

In Region 2, #4 @thejunocat (100k) fell to #10 @catnamedpizza (4.6k), powered by The Pizza Cat Army, while in Region 4, their close friend, #12 @count_salem (2.1k) defeated @chuckandsophia (4.7k) to advance.

The Final Four will begin on Saturday morning (4/2) on our IG stories with matchup polls. #5 @tunatheadventurecat (70.1k) will take on powerhouse #4 @abdulscats (176k), while close friends and supporters #10 @catnamedpizza (4.6k) and #12 @count_salem (2.1k) will fight for a spot in the championship.

Who will win? Follow along and vote to see! The championship will begin on Monday morning (4/4) and conclude at that same time on Tuesday.

View Bracket

Sweet 16 Summary & Elite 8 Preview

And then there were eight!

The last remaining #1 seed, @venustwofacecat (2m), fell to #5 @tunatheadventurecat (70.1k), while #3 @nathan_thebeachcat (536k) dominated #10 @pearly_the_kitty (3.3k) 478 votes to 240 to advance to the Region 1 final.

#16 Cinderella, @therealhandsomekai (345), finally met his maker against #4 @abdulscats (176k), getting outscored 730-212. Another Cinderella, #15 @boyce_brotherz (385), defeated #6 @zolder_the_cat (26.1k) by a narrow margin, 311-289, in Region 3.

Tournament veteran, #4 @thejunocat (100k), defeated #9 @princessjojoofgreenwich (5.5k), #10 @catnamedpizza (4.6k) advanced passed #14 @just_herb_and_phoebe (450) in Region 2.

In Region 4, a hard-fought match between big-time Catfluence supporters #12 @count_salem (2.1k) and #8@sirsimonofsays (8.3k), ended with Salem as the victor by 5 votes. #10 @chuckandsophia (4.7k) surpassed #14 @poshkittycity (480) by 63 votes.

The Elite 8 is set, and matchup polls will begin on our Instagram stories on Saturday March 26th and Sunday March 27th in the morning.

View Bracket

Round of 32 Summary & Sweet 16 Preview

After a busy week of four straight days of Madness (in both the human and cat worlds), the stage is set for the Sweet 16. While the field has leveled out a bit and some top seeds remain, their are still several underdogs(cats) looking for their shot at the throne in 2022.

In Region 1, @venustwofacecat (2m), who was been a #1 seed and made runs in both tournaments, including the Elite 8 last year, looks to make another run this year over #4 @tunatheadventurecat (70.1k). #10 @pearly_the_kitty (3.3k) will have her work cut out for her against #3 @nathan_thebeachcat (536k), coming off a stunning upset over #2 @theklauscat (578k), with 302 votes to 181.

Region 2 is going to be really interesting to see how it plays out. #9 @princessjojoofgreenwich (5.5k) took out #1 @smudge_lord (1.6m), and will look to do the same against fan-favorite #4 @thejunocat (100k). Another Cinderella, #14 @just_herb_and_phoebe (450) looks to continue their run against #10 @catnamedpizza (4.6k), who also looks to make a further run this year than past years.

In Region 3, #16 @therealhandsomekai (345) also looks to continue their most impurressive run after taking down #1 @waffles_the_cat (886k) in the first round and #8 @elliemcat (10.6k) next, but will have his work cut out for him against early tournament favorite and overall leading vote-getter, #4 @abdulscats (176k), who had 577 last round alone. #15@boyce_brotherz (385) will also look to advance vs. a formidable foe in #6 @zolder_the_cat (26.1k).

Last but not least, Region 4. Two returning competitors, #8 @sirsimonofsays (8.3k) and #12 @count_salem (2.1k), will duke it out next, along with #14 @poshkittycity (480) and #10 @chuckandsophia (4.7k), who took out March Meowdness stalwart, #2 @smushofficial (688k).

On our Instagram Stories, Region 1 and Region 3 poll matchups will begin on Thursday morning (3/24), followed by Regions 2 and 4 on Friday (3/25). The same timeline will follow on Saturday and Sunday, and then the Final Four will be set. The blog will be updated during the week in anticipation of matchups on the following Saturday (4/2) and the Finals on Monday (4/4). Until then, please reference the “Matchups” IG story highlights to see who won (the polls will show the winners)

View Bracket

Round of 64 Summary & Round of 32 Preview

And the first round is officially complete! As we see every March in both the human and cat tournaments, upsets are the story of the Round of 64. Some big time competitors who you read about in the preview as top returners from last year have already been taken down.

Those included #5 @khaleesithekitty116 (33.5k) over 2021 Elite Eight competitor, #12 @blublu.ragdoll (2.6k), and #10 @chuckandsophia (4.7k), who made it to the Sweet Sixteen last year, over #7 @louis_the_kitten_prince (11.1k), who was in the Final Four!

There seemed to be some friends with cats with food-related names successfully taking down greater opponents – #13 @the_catnamedcheeto (1.6k) took down #4 @dancinzeus (83k). More specifically in Region 3, #12 @omg_pepper (1.6k) took down #5 @mannyhalloweencat (49.2k), #11 @kingsporkofqueens (2.7k), who is owned by Kate of Barstool Sports, defeated #6@hermiajesty (16.4k), #14 @just_herb_and_phoebe (450) over #3 @smushball (490k), #10 @catnamedpizza (4.6k) over #7 @lincoln_and_kiwi (11.5k), and #15 @coupleofclassycats (400), who are owned by Chelsea Brea from Temptation Island, over #2 @pudgethecat (642k).

We also saw some other powerhouses go down, including #16 @therealhandsomekai (345) taking down #1 seeded @waffles_the_cat (886k) and #15 @boyce_brotherz (385) over #2 @strykerthecat (844k) in Region 3, which has all but made the path for @abdulscats (176k), the leading vote-getter in this round with 724, a much easier path to the Final Four. One big upset that almost happened, but didn’t, was between #4 @adventurecatleo (110k) and #13 @showbizkitties (820), who lost by only 6 votes.

Check out the bracket below for several other upsets that occurred, and state tuned for the beginning of the Round of 32 this morning (Sat 3/19) with Regions 1 and 3 tipping off again, followed by 2 and 4 on Sun 3/20.

About March Meowdneess: 2021 Summary & 2022 Updates

Hi there – Harris from Catfluence here. Before I get into the 2021 Summary and 2022 Updates, I’ll give a brief background about what “March Meowdness” is and how it came about.

In the early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic, like many others, I was stuck working from home, couldn’t really go anywhere, and had a lottt more time on my hands. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament had been cancelled, but I still had the urge to fill out a bracket for something, and I came up with the idea for a bracket of the top cat accounts on IG.

The accounts are seeded 1-16 in four “regions” based on follower count. The way it works is for each round I’ll share the matchups as polls to the @Catfluence IG story. Followers and fans will vote on which account they want to win, and after 24 hours the account with more votes will advance to the next round.

There will not be a play-in game, but otherwise, everything will follow the real-life men’s college basketball tournament timeline. 2020 was all kind of thrown together last minute, and while a lot more planning went into 2021, there were still a lot of lessons learns and some changes coming to this year.

One major change will be that the competition will, unfortunately, be limited to USA-based accounts only. This is largely in part because of both supply chain shortages and the increase in shipping costs. It’s simply too expensive for myself and for brands to ship out the prizes to the winners internationally, which I bit the bullet on last year, but costs have gone up even more since then.

Last year’s champion, Moss, will sadly not be able to repeat as the winner, but Smush, who finished first in 2020 and runner up last year, will look to regain the throne. Brands will also be shipping out their prizes to winners individually, rather than me gathering all the prizes and shipping them together in one package. These changes are the only way for me to scale this, and I hope everyone understands – I am very sorry to anyone who is left out this year!

That being said, I would also like to express my gratitude to all the amazing brands who have agreed to sponsor prizes for the Final Four this year. More on each brand is below, and they’ll be featured on the bracket and in content Catfluence social channels throughout the tournament.

We’re still accepting submissions, so if you’d like to enter your cat Instagram account to compete, please fill out this short form. Once spaces are filled and the seeds are chosen, the bracket will be added here to be filled out and submitted. Prizes will also be given out to accounts who fill out a bracket and share it to their IG stories. Updates to this blog post will be made following each round.

Best of luck everyone!!!

2022 Preview

Learn more about March Meowdness on a recent episode of the Cattitude Podcast with Michelle Fern on!

March Meowdness is back and better than ever! Even more brands are on board to sponsor prizes for the Final Four and Tournament Champion, and many of the top accounts from last year have returned. You can scroll down to read a summary of last year as well as to see all of this years’ brand sponsors.

Several accounts who made it as far as the Sweet 16 last year will be looking to get back to that point this year and get further now that 2022’s contest is USA-based accounts only and @mosstherat, the reigning champion, cannot participate.

Returning Sweet 16 accounts include @unatheadventurecat, @elliemcat, @sirsimonaofsays, @blu.bluragdoll, @bambiandfosters, @chuckandsophia, @louis_the_kitten_prince, @thejunocat, who is back for the third year in a row, and @venustwofacecat, who leads the pack with 2 million followers.

One account to watch is @abdulscats, who entered in 2021 with 1.5k followers, but has experienced tremendous growth since, with over 176k followers to date! Another large account to watch is @smushofficial, who took home the crown in 2020 and fell in the finals to Moss in 2021, so you never know what happens with upsets in March and the power of the internet.

After each round, there will be a new summary posted to the top of this blog with an updated bracket. Check out the timeline below and check out the bracket to take a look at the regional matchups.

Key Dates:

  • Selection Sunday: March 13
  • First round: March 17-18
  • Second round: March 19-20
  • Sweet 16: March 24-25
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27
  • Final Four: April 2
  • Championship matchup: April 4

2022 Catfluence March Meowdness Sponsors

Bad Cat Coffee Company

Bad Cat was founded by Traci and inspired by her beloved cat, Peaches!

Bad Cat Coffee Co. serves locally roasted, coffee, espresso, cat-themed lattes and so much more at the Morgan Street Food Hall, 411 W. Morgan Street, Raleigh, NC 27603. They also have an online store.

They also ship anywhere in the USA and deliver in their local area in North Carolina. They will be giving a bag of ground coffee, a t-shirt, and a travel mug to the first-place winner!


Catfluence is a brand dedicated to cat influencers, influencers with cats, and more!

We’ll be putting up shirts, mugs, stickers, hats, and other merch from our store as prizes to the Final Four.

Fat Cat Foods

Orlando-based Fat Cat Gourmet Foods is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Eyal Goldshmid and Deborah Moskowitz, two long-time foodies who made their passion for exploring flavorful and fiery food their full-time profession.

Their award-winning sauces focus on that magical middle ground where flavor and fire meet. Their products feature exotic flavor combinations, all-natural ingredients, and heat levels ranging from mild to super-hot. They are purr-fect for grilling, marinating, dipping, and more.

Deborah and Eyal had a cat named Tiggy, who is no longer with us, but at one point got up to 23 pounds, hence the name “Fat Cat”. They will give a three-pack of their hot sauces to the winner!


FIWOTTTDA® is a home appliance brand with over 10 years of experience in air purification products. The product range includes air purifiers, commercial ozone generators, etc. It provides a full range of indoor air quality equipment-based solutions in technology, such as air purifiers, humidifiers, air disinfection spas, heating, and cooling.

They have conducted extensive research and development on internal filtration technology, which has also enhanced their capabilities and expertise. They are giving a $20 gift card to their website to the first-place winner.

Inspire Unity

Due to the seemingly negative world we live in, Inspire Unity was created by college students Jason and Noah to bring people together through the things we love!

They have created a series of online projects has created a way to unite people despite daily challenges and differences we all face. Each project will consist of thousands of pictures submitted by people all over the world. Each photo will be coupled with a donation and be uploaded to the collage of the designated project. The donations from each upload will be used to help fund a cause/organization connected to the project.

Their first project consists of their adored furry friends – cats – specifically, Fur Angels Rescue Shelter (FARS) a 501(c)(3) foster-based nonprofit in Toledo, Ohio. They will be giving away a beanie and a free upload to their cat collage.

Juvenia Pets

JUVENIA PETS is a nutritional supplement based on Resveratrol (powerful antioxidant of natural origin) unique on the market that delays the general aging of dogs.

In addition, it is the ideal accompaniment in the treatment of chronic diseases. They will be donating a bottle of Juvenia Cats Gel to the Final Four.

Litter Genie

Litter Genie® cat litter disposal system is the ultimate, hassle-free solution for controlling cat litter odors. Keeping you – and your cat – happy.

Each of the Final Four competitors will receive a Litter Genie XL Pail and the winner will receive a swag pack of branded products!

Living Art USA

Living Art USA was founded in 2010 by Jane Morocco. Jane is an industry leader as well as an accomplished author, environmentalist, philanthropist, and community activist.

Living Art features luscious, low maintenance plant varieties perfect for any urban growing environment that are pet and child-Safe.

The winner will receive a plant of choice – Money Tree (Pachira Trunk) or Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea).

Oskar & Klaus

Oskar was a blind cat who sadly passed away in 2018. His sidekick and best friend is known as “The Klaus.” Also part of the family are blind cats George and Juno, who made a run in our tournament last year!

Oskar & Klaus has their own online store with merch, stickers, books, and more! Their “Mission to Cataria” book was an official selection for “Story Time From Space”, and was read by astronaut Ricky Arnold from the International Space Station.

For this years’ prizes, they will be giving away a special prize pack with some pawesome goodies!


PETKIT Network Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is a high-tech company dedicated to designing and producing smart products for pets.

The company has rapidly developed into one of the world’s leading technology-engaged companies in the pet industry. Supported by their award-winning design and technology team, their goal is to provide elegant, sustainable, and cost-effective products and services, which they do to over 30 countries across the world.

The winner will receive several products from their online store, including Fresh Element Solo, Eversweet Solo, Breezy Dome, and Lifted Pet Bed all together.


You’ve probably seen The Pizza Cat floating around the internet, well they are the original creators of this viral kitty!

They make hilarious original memes and videos with their two cats, Pizza and Cheeto, who both participated in the Meowdness the past two years. They also run the IG account @chonksdointhings.

Check out the Pizza Cat Party Website to learn more as well as the Uncle Grumpy Inc Esty store for merch. Stickers will be sent out to our finalists!

Purradise Ranch

Purradise Ranch is a sanctuary for desperate house cats and a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in Phoenix, AZ, operated by Priscilla Dean – President, Felix G. Ray – Treasurer, and Roz Deason – Secretary.

The ranch is home to over 75 cats who roam freely in a one-acre, specially-fenced and loving environment for the rest of their lives. All of the cats are free to come and go as they please, except for a few kittens who live in the Hacienda – but they now have their own catio to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather.

Each finalist will get a copy of VoCATbulary Words: What Part of “Meow” Do You Not Understand?!, written by Priscilla and available on Amazon. They made a pawesome promo video too!


saveplace is a manufacturer of Home, Pet, Kids, Adults goods… And it all started with the idea of ​​a hammock in a dream!

The idea was born in the light of daylight in 2014. The first collection of hammocks was sewn by the founder herself. Now the sewing company in Lithuania sews the highest quality goods of the patented brand saveplace® for homes, pets, children and adults.

They will be providing a Chair/Table Hammock and Ninja Plush Cat Toy to the winner.

Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets is a fun and sustainable pet treat brand using upcycled fruits and veggies!

They have many pawesome treats for dogs and cats including flavors such as Catnip ‘n Chill, Yam Good Salmon, and More Lobster, Cheese.

The champion of March Mewodness will receive a year’s supply of treats ($140 value)!

Sweet Dream Pet Baskets

Based in Tokya, Japan, Sweet Dream Pet Baskets was founded by Deniz Aygün Benba, an nter-disciplinary artist from Istanbul, Turkey.

One she started crocheting a basket for herself, her cats Pusheen and Frost were sitting in them, and after that basket, she kept making more and more. They are the only brand worldwide using up-cycled t-shirt yarn to knit baskets for pets, and their techniques and patterns are all original, inspired by ancient tapestry patterns, as well as modern styles and symbols.

They also have an amazing ambassador program that we encourage you to check out if you’re looking to get involved with a brand and grow your cat account. They will be providing a cat collar to the first place winner.

Uproot Clean

Uproot Clean makes easy to use, effective, and affordable Patent Pending lint/pet hair cleaner that works on clothes, bedding, carpets, furniture, and more! All that you need to say goodbye to your lint and pet hair woes!

They will be providing a bundle set with 1x Uproot Cleaner Pro, 1x Uproot Cleaner Mini and 1x Uproot Cleaner Max to each of the Final Four accounts. 

Vital Cat

A balanced diet of healthy, raw cat food can provide relief for your cat’s dry skin and coat while also improving oral health (helping promote strong teeth and fight bad breath).

Vital Cat® offers only limited ingredient products—raw cat food and treats—so your cat experiences all of the possible health benefits of a raw diet. They have Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food, Frozen Raw Cat Food, along with snacks, treats, and supplements.

They will be providing some of their food and treats to the Final Four accounts!

1st – $125

2nd – $75

3rd – $50.00

Wag Source

Wag Source is a woman-owned and operated business, founded by a dog-mom in search of a healthier way to treat her two dogs, and ultimately, for all humans who are searching for the best supplements for their dogs and cats!

They have a Calming Aid for Cats and a Kidney Support for cats, and each account in the Final Four will get a jar of their choice. First place will also receive a $50 Wag Source gift card.

Insta-famous Pets: Catfluence Featured in Jersey's Best Magazine

Keri Kelly of Jersey's Best Magazine wrote this outstanding article on "Jersey Insta-famous: Meet the N.J. pets pawing, purring and posing their way to superstardom", which featured Elliot & Olivia (our original Catfluencers) and made mention of Catfluence!

Check it out:

Pawareness Podcast #61: Social Media for Cats

Recently made an appearance on episode #61 of the Pawareness Podcast with Kris McCauley.

We talked about how Catfluence started after I got involved in digital marketing in 2014, then leveraging my cats Instagram account to create a digital platform for cats and influencers who raise awareness about them. We discussed my work in affiliate marketing and some recent brand partnership, as well as future plans, which include diving deeper into the NFT and web3 realm.

Check out the full video interview on YouTube below, or listen on Spotify, Google Play, or Apple Podcasts.

“Maintaining an online presence for cats is a good way to bond with them. That includes doing photoshoots together, giving them treats, and playing with them.” - Harris Baker

Catfluence Featured in Shoutout Arizona Magazine

Harris Baker, Catfluence Founder and Chief Feline Officer, was interviewed by Shoutout Arizona Magazine for a segment on inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives. The segment is titled "Insider Insights: What They Know and We Don’t", and it was such a great honor to be featured with some other amazing individuals and discuss the inspiration behind Catfluence and what the future holds!

Check out the full interview here!

About Shoutout Arizona

Shoutout Arizona is part of the Los Angeles-based Voyage Group of Magazines and its flagship publication, VoyageLA, which was started in 2015. Since then they’ve grown to almost a dozen cities, generated millions of page views, and helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and creatives share their stories. They’ve built a vibrant and highly engaged community and go beyond just stories. By focusing on topics relevant to almost everyone, they hope to inspire important conversations within the community and do so in ways that put artists, creatives, and local businesses at the center of these conversations.

Pet Retail World Pop Up Event in NYC Presented by Buddy-Belts

The Pet Retail World Pop Up Event, presented by Buddy-Belts is back for NYC Pet Parents and their pups.

Enjoy FREE samples from over 50 TOP pet brands and receive a goodie bag valued at over $200.

Light food and drinks to be served. Pets attend FREE.

873 Broadway (3rd Floor) NY, NY. 10003. 12-5PM.


painting of pets in ghost costumes trick or treating on halloween

[Comic Life Of Pets] Paint Your Pet In Pop Art Pawtrait

Halloween is just around the corner and you and your pet can get in on the fun! Give them a spooky cute look by painting them in pop art style!

On Sunday, October 24th @ 4:30 pm, our friends over at Happy Creative Dig are hosting "Comic Life of Pets", a paint your pet Halloween-themed workshop led by Megan Elizabeth (@meganpaints) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Sign up by following this link, and be sure to use our code CATFLUENCE20 for 20% off

We'll also be in attendance and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to Muddy Paws Rescue NYC!

Inspire Unity: Contribute to a Collage for a Good Cause

Written by: Jason and Noah, Inspire Unity Founders

Hey everyone! First off we wanted to say, we’re extremely excited @Catfluence asked us to be part of their blog and we’re honored to share the project we’ve been creating over the past few months or so for every single cat lover out there.

That being said, let’s get into it!! We’re Inspire Unity and our goal is to unify people through things we have in common, all while creating an awesome, fun, interactive, unique way of donating to good causes for as little as $1! This is made possible through the mosaic collages on our website.

A mosaic collage is thousands of small little pictures coming together to create a larger one. Which is a direct representation of how we should be as humans. All us little individual people joining together to realize we’re all here on earth experiencing this thing called “life” TOGETHER!!

Now, you’re probably asking how this came about. I’m here to answer, step by step, but it might look a little confusing so follow along.

  1. The world has gone through a crazy time the past year or so with 76% of people around the world feeling that their country is divided.
  2. My family recently adopted a siamese cat with feline leukemia and we absolutely fell in love with her (She’s doing amazing btw).
  3. Laying in bed at night really gives you some great thoughts.

Take all three of those, put them in a mixing pot, and there you have it, Inspire Unity was born! We decided it was time to take a stand and create something that will allow people to physically see (through the collages) that we are 100% capable of ridding division, provide a more fun way of donating to organizations rather than the boring traditional donating websites (boringgggg), and do this all through things we love and have in common.

Due to the recent adoption of our family cat, my partner and I decided to run our very first project for cat lovers all over the world. How this works is people go to our website and create an account. They are then able to upload their picture(s) of their cat(s) to the collage and give their donation!

Whether it’s $1 or $1,000,000 it is all much appreciated and will impact so many lives. For donations $1-$24.99 you are able to get your picture on the collage, $25-$49.99 you get your picture on the collage and an Inspire Unity beanie, $50-$99.99 you get your picture on the collage and an Inspire Unity hoodie, and $100+ you get your picture on the collage and an Inspire Unity blanket! (All shipping can only be done within the US)

Cat photo collage

This final paragraph is to anyone within the cat community. We need your help, we cannot do this alone. The world is going through tough times and it’s time to stand up. We chose cats as our first project due to the strength that comes from within the community. The amount of uploads to the site determines the impact we make on our partnered shelter.

The shelter is Fur Angels Rescue Shelter out of Toledo, OH. Our goal for this first project is 1 MILLION uploads and it’s only possible if we come together and make it happen. We would be able to add multiple shelters to that list and impact thousands of lives. WE NEED YOU! Go to the site and upload your pictures today. Thank you!


Instagram: @inspireunity_

Twitter: @Inspireunity20

TikTok: @inspire.unity

My First Encounter with Cat Magic & How I'm Bringing it to the Screen

Written by: Sarah Jayne Portelli, Director/Producer - Cats of Malta


There are many reasons why I believe that felines are pure magic. The strongest reason I can find however to support this bold statement does not lie in the ancient scriptures left behind by the Pharaohs who worshipped cats like Gods.

Put simply, I have experienced first hand that cats have this natural, innate sense of emotional deepness. An intuition, an ability to tap into human emotions and the human world that's stronger and unmatched by the human race and it lies in their overall existence. The first time I witnessed the power of feline intuition and their ability and tap into human emotions was many years ago while I grieved for the sudden loss of my childhood friend Samantha. At the time I was living in Sydney with my boyfriend and his house cat, Mittens. The news coming from back home in Melbourne hit me like a ton of bricks.

Mittens was not a friendly housemate, quite the opposite most of the time. The feline was a former stray turned live in house cat. She was an overweight and often defensive, smoky grey feline, a character to be wary of and not pat often. This cat would not let you get close to her without lashing out and Mittens, like other cats had her daily routine which we humans had to follow. What I was yet to discover was that there was more to Mittens, her outlandish behaviour and demanding temperament.

Mittens' morning routine would include rushing into the kitchen first thing, boisterous as soon as she saw we were up. She would head but the kitchen cupboard door at least twice, meow loudly, pacing around or circling our feet if we were there before her. Her mission clear - the cupboard contained cat food, and she wanted to eat.

The morning following the news, her behaviour, routine and her approach towards me shifted.

While standing in the kitchen, leaning my back on the bench unable to move, numb with sadness, tears flowing in big giant sobs, I looked up at Mittens, whose large frame had appeared in the doorway. We had a moment, me an this rebel cat. We held each others gaze. She did not approach for her food that morning and it was not because I was blocking the cupboard. That had never stopped her in the past.

That morning, Mittens sat unmoved and silenced in the doorway, quietly she looking up at me, and I down at her while continuing with my personal grieving. That day she did not do her usual routine, instead Mittens waited until I was able to provide her food. Mitten's did however spend a lot of time watching me quietly from a distance. She was normally talkative, a bit unruly in her actions, but that was on pause while I grieved. She did this for a few days and I, this human, this dog person who understood nothing about cats realised that she knew I was in emotional pain.

She knew.

Back in Melbourne, while attending Samantha's wake, her husband Jason revealed to me that their three cats had been sleeping on Samantha's pillow, huddled together every night since she had passed. Ever since Samantha had left home for work on her motorcycle that morning and not returned home to her family. They missed her, they sensed Jason's loss and grief, and like Mittens, these felines knew.

These two instances, along with other stories I have heard from friends about unexplainable moments they have witnessed their cats take part in revealed a truth to me – cats have an intuition that humans can not match. They feel emotions and they absorb human vibration. They are magic in animal form. Cat magic is a thing.

No wonder Egyptians held these mystical creatures in high regard. Ever since that encounter with Mittens and Jason's revelation, I've been fascinated with cats and their power. My realisation further strengthened by stories, unbelievable to some, relayed from friends about their cats interacting with spirits of family members long gone from this world, playing with them as they did when the deceased were physically in our realm.

Now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, which has lasted over a year, the human way of life and our routines have been thrown into utter chaos. There is a rise of uncertainty on so many fronts, the anxiety that comes with financial insecurity and a rise in mental illness and unbalance is what most of us are experiencing lately.

Luckily we have cats to step in as emotional healers.

Last year, while directing my companies documentary Cats of Malta, about the stray cats that live on the island, I was often reminded by the interview subjects of that experience I shared with Mittens.

With documentary filmmaking, a director goes into the job thinking about what kind of story could come out of these interviews. In the moment, you direct the subjects and the action as best you can. I had set questions and an overall vibe to was aim for, however documentary varies to narrative story telling, as I was quickly learning. The story comes out later with documentary, when a story thread is found.

Watching back the footage we discovered cats are emotional healers – and collectively Malta's stray cats are somewhat like Shaman. Personally, I find that spending time with cats is calming and meditative. While filming and even prior to the documentary process while I volunteering my time at cat sanctuaries, this was always the case.

The story thread for Cats of Malta was simple and plain in the end – an 'of course' moment that came to my-coproducer and I while speaking to our human interview subjects and from watching the footage back days later. Cats, with all their quirks, strange temperament, the nocturnal need to hunt while we sleep, and their unapologetic cattitude offer humans so much. Felines provide unconditional love, their existence alone, coupled with their natural emotional intuition, plus their calming purrs have the ability to calm, heal human trauma and contribute to a reduction in stress - they improve health. That is their cat magic. Their reason for existence.

All hail cats!

I dare you to watch a cat video on YouTube or TikTok and not smile or burst out laughing.

While at The Cat Village Spinola Bay interviewing Roza for Cats of Malta, she happily and matter-of-factly stated that “for the little that you give them, they give you so much. Cats extend life”. Personally, I can't argue with that.

The now undeniable truth is that I've experienced cat magic and it's bewitched me, transforming me into a cat convert and I'm more than okay with it. It's easy to understand why there are so many proud cat owners in this new found community of cat people I'm now a part of. I'm super excited to share Cats of Malta with this community of people and cats, and the world really soon!
There is currently a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help Sarah Jayne and her company Nexus Production Group complete Cats of Malta in the post-production stages. You can watch the video, read the story behind the film, share and contribute here –


cat doing yoga

Musings From a Feline Zen Master & Cat Yoga Instructor

Written by: Zen Master Oatie

Yes, I am a Zen Master. I am also a guru, a cat yoga instructor, a meowditation expawrt as well as a Zen living pawfessional. I’m also a female, and feline. Not that the last 2 things matter. What matters is that I am an enlightened being, the Chosen One to heal and calm the world with my wisdom and knowledge.

I didn’t choose the Zen Master life. The Zen Master life chose me.

I am a rescued cat. I was blessed to get my forever hooman family when I was still young, along with my litter mate fur brother Pistachio. We are blessed. I live in gratitude.

I knew early on I was super extra wise. I had moments of enlightenment with my hoomans as well as my cat brother, dog sister and bunny brother. I somehow knew how to do yoga and meowdiation and my personal guess is this knowledge is from a past life. I know I’ve had many. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know things. It’s the whole “enlightened being” thing I suppose.

So, I now work with clients of all kinds teaching yoga poses that I create myself, like my most famous yoga pose, “The Otter Pose”. I also teach guided visualization meowdiation sessions. I advise on Zen living like relaxation techniques, using healing lights and paws on (or hands on, if you have those instead of paws) calming techniques like gardening and getting grounded. I also like to implement art therapy and music. It’s really all about whatever an individual client is in need of.

I’ve also created a masterful deep relaxation and anti-stress technique I call Zen Howling. It’s very easy yet very efficient in releasing your inner anxiety and/or anger. It works for everyone, no matter your species.

I do have a small hooman staff to manage my social media and my overall schedule. I am getting extra busy as I am currently writing my first book along with my other work. Given my budding worldwide fame and being so highly sought after, my book is sure to be a best seller. It’s basically about all of the meowdalities that I use in my teachings.

I live to paw it forward in life. My goal is simply to help keep the world (well actually, the Universe) calm, well, peaceful and happy. Yes, I said Universe. I also work with aliens/extra-terrestrials because they get stressed too. But that’s another story, literally. Maybe someday I will share that with you too.

Namaste and meOM,

Zen Master Oatie

Zen Master Oatie c2021 All Rights Reserved

I can be reached by email: I am on Instagram: @zenmasteroatie

My hooman staff:

Carrie Sachs (my mom) 818-720-0748

Tanya Dickson (my auntie) 818-915-6979

Catfluence Featured in Redfin Article on Kitty Home Prep

Bringing home a cat is an exciting time for the family. They provide laughter, companionship, and can even teach little ones about responsibility. However, preparing your home for a kitty can bring about some uncertainties and renovations to ensure your cat is well taken care of and comfortable in your home.

To help you get started, Redfin reached out to 14 cat experts, from Seattle, WA to Ottawa, ON, including us. Here is our best advice on how to prepare your home for a kitty. Check out How to Prepare Your Home for a Kitty: 14 Tips from the Pros.

tab for cats

Calling All Tab Enthusiasts: Tab for Cats by Tab for a Cause

Written by: Miranda Escobar, Marketing Manager, Tab for a Cause

Calling all tab enthusiasts! You know, the ones with 47 tabs open at a time? With Tab for Cats, you can help shelter cats find their fur-ever homes any time you surf the web! We have partnered with The Greater Good Charities' The Jackson Galaxy Project to provide treats to shelter cats for free!

How can we do this? Through ad revenue!

Every time you open a new tab, there will be two small ads in the right corner of your home screen. Companies pay for this space to advertise on our platform, and from there we can put that money to good use by giving it back to an organization doing great work for our furry friends. Tab for Cats is absolutely free for our users, and a great way to make an impact without breaking the bank.

While Tab for Cats is new, our team also runs Tab for a Cause which was founded 9 years ago! The original experience has made quite an impact, raising over $1 million total for charities like The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, The Bail Project, and We are so excited to see cat lovers around the world join our Tabber family and make a difference for cats in need.

Want to stay connected with us on social media? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok @tabforacause! Have questions? Our team is happy to help! Just DM us or send an email to

Why Cats Are Really Man’s Best Friend: A Cat Op-Ed

Written by: Simon The Black Cat

Hello Fweinds! My name is Simon and as your resident cat, I must tell you humans that cats are the best!

Now as if you already didn’t know that, dogs seemed to have earned the title as “man’s best friend”, however, I must attest that cats can be just as loving and affectionate. Think about it, we are the best lifelong companions.

We fluffy felines are loyal to our mommies and daddies and can be emotional caregivers. As they form attachments to their fur babies, we kitties tend to do the same with our humans. In our “pawsome” way of reading our caretaker’s emotions, we know when they need a little extra loving.

Not to mention we are experts at cuddling during nap time. We love to lounge around and be lazy when we want to!

I have heard around the litter box that we kitties tend to be aloof, but that could not be further from the truth. Although we might not be the easiest pet around to read, we are used to being independent which makes us low maintenance. There is no need to take us out on a walk or have us groomed.

We cats also depend on the security of our owner in addition to an environment where we are constantly doted on. Though that should be easy because of our undeniable cuteness and adorable meows. Cats are also quick learners and can influence good behavior (aka we won’t eat your homework).

Oh! We won’t roll around in the mud either.

The best part of all is that we contribute to good health! Here at Catfluence, we are aware of the mental toll stress, anxiety, and depression can have on a human. Mental health is an important aspect of general health.

It is said by AKC Reunite that our purr alone can be medically therapeutic to people (Ranard, n.d.). It is scientifically proven that we can even have a positive effect on your physical health. We cats are very personable and know just how to make you feel better!

Now many would argue that other pets have the same qualities we kitties do, but that is simply impossible - we are one of a kind!

Cat Relationships: How They Forgive & Forget

Written by: Michele Burke, Partner, Alliance Benefit Solutions

Let’s talk about this relationship. My two cats are 8ish years old – they are brothers.

Lately, one of them (we will call him Roman because that’s his name) beats up on the other one. The other one is deaf. I have had them since they were kittens and Roman was mostly protective through the years.

Now, not so much. Every day I am in the middle of daily cat fights. Roman will walk over and bite the other one in his neck and the other one will hiss. It happens every morning (while I am trying to enjoy my diet coke).

I still work in my office, so I leave the house in the morning and come home at night to find them sleeping in a position that would not allow them to get any closer to each other.

Either A) my house is freezing and they are in survival mode or B) they know how to fight and they know how to move on.

So, when we use the phrase ‘cat fight’ between people, let’s not forget Phase II of a cat fight which is ….  “What were we fighting about again”? Forgive!! – or in the life of a cat - Forget!!

2021 Catfluence March Meowdness Tournament

Championship Summary

And that’s all she wrote… the winner of our 2021 March Meowdness Tournament is… #10 Moss The Rat (@mosstherat). Based out of the UK, Moss becomes our first ever international champion, taking the crown away from our 2020 champion, #2 Smush (@smushofficial).

Moss led each of the last three rounds in votes, with 604 total in the championship to Smush’s 283. It was a battle, but Moss and her hoomans rallied round after round. Congratulations to Moss, Smush and our other Final Four Accounts, Gibson and Louis, who will each be receiving a prize pack with goodies from Catfluence and all of our amazing sponsors, which can be found below.

Thank you to everyone who made the second year of this tournament a success. We are certainly looking forward to getting some sleep and taking the next week off this page, but can’t wait to make 2022 even bigger and better than ever! Be safe and take care!

Final 4 Summary & Championship Preview

It’s time… the cats are set for the 2021 Catfluence March Meowdness Championship matchup. #2 seed and 2020 tournament champion, @smushofficial (672k followers), will be facing off this years’ Cinderella, #10 @mosstherat (4.2k followers).

Smush will have his work cut out for him against Moss, who is the total votes leader throughout this tournament. In her Final Four matchup against #4 @thegibsonchronicles alone, she received 588 votes.

Moss and her supporters will need to keep that up to stand a chance against favorite Smush. Tune into our IG stories on 4/5 at 9 PM ET to vote for the winner in the poll.

Elite 8 Summary & Final 4 Preview

Get your popcorn ready, because we’re down to the Final Four! In the East Region, #6 @thegibsonchronicles took down #9 @chef_aussie_angel and #10 @mosstherat over #13 @blublu.ragdoll. In the West Region, in our clash of the titans, #2 @smushofficial conquered #1 @venustwofacecat, and #7 @louis_the_kitten_prince over #13 @abdulscats!

Gibson won by a narrow margin of three votes of Angel, and the highest in the round was Moss with 612 – a 2021 tournament record!

There are three countries represented in the Final Four: Canada, the UK, and the US! The next round of matchups (Gibson vs. Moss and Smush vs. Louis) will begin around 5 PM Eastern Time. Follow along in our stories to vote for your favorite!

Sweet 16 Summary & Elite 8 Preview

And then there were eight! A few more notable upsets went down, including #9 Chef Aussie Angel over #4 Tuna The Adventure Cat, #7 Louis The Kitten Prince over #3 Juno The Blind Cat, and #10 Moss The Rat over #6 The Cat House.

A few power players remain, including #1 Venus Two Face Cat, who narrowly escaped the grasp of #12 Count Salem by 16 votes – 330 to 314 – and reigning champion, #2 Smush.  These two powerhouses will face off on Wednesday 3/31.

The highest vote-getter was Moss, with 470 total, which is the highest of this years’ tournament thus-far. Our remaining contestants come from around the world, including the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

To see the Elite 8 matchups, download our bracket below. The top left and top right regions will battle it out in our IG stories starting Tuesday morning, and the bottom right and bottom left will begin Wednesday morning.

Second Round Summary & Sweet 16 Preview

And just like that, we’re down to the Sweet 16! The pack is being led by #1 seeded Venus Two Face Cat with over 2M followers, with our reigning champion, #2 Smush (270K), and Final Four participant, #3 Juno The Blind Cat (101K) not far behind.

In our inaugural 2020 tournament, Juno actually upset Venus in a Round of 32 matchup, only to be defeated in the Final Four by Smush. If Venus and Smush both win, they face each other in the next matchup. If Smush and Juno were to each win again after that, they would face each other for a chance to go to the finals!

Also in Round 2, a major upset occurred to our #1 overall seed, Smoothie The Cat (2.2M followers) against the legendary #9 Chef Angel from Australia, but will face another worthy opponent next in #4 Tuna The Adventure Cat (69.5K).

In the same region, #6 The Gibson Chronicles (10.3k) took down #3 Nathan The Beach Cat (540K). #9 Sir Simon of Says (4.3K), also defeated another top contender, #1 Smudge Lord (1.4M).

Other notable upsets this round included:

  • Blu Blu Rag Doll (1.6K) over Chloe The Serval (38.2K)
  • Moss The Rat (3.8K) over Owl Kitty (741K)
  • Louis The Kitten Prince (5.3K) over Stryker The Cat (808K)

Overall, Venus and Smush had the most votes this round, with 268 and 262 respectively.

There are some more amazing matchups coming up on Saturday, March 27 and Sunday, March 28th. Download and fill out your brackets below, and be sure to vote on our IG stories!

First Round Summary & Second Round Preview

The first round of the 2021 tournament began with several big upsets, similar to the hooman tournament this year! Each poll received over 300 votes!

Here were some notable upsets:

  • #12 Count Salem over #5 Fat Cat Hercules
  • #13 Lord Milton over #4 Dancin’ Zeus (six vote difference)
  • #14 Bobby over #3 Smushball (four vote difference)
  • #13 Blu Blu over #4 Tony (100 vote difference)
  • #14 Cheeto over #3 Nacho
  • #12 JoJo over #5 Conan & Gladys
  • #15 Shelby over #2 Pudge
  • #16 Jalie The Tigershark over #1 Waffles
  • #12 Meister The Travelcat over #5 Munster The Wolfcat
  • #11 Wyatt over #6 Zolder

There were several matchups that came down to the wire. #16 Lilly almost pulled off the ultimate upset of #1 Smoothie. Unfortunately, Lilly came one single vote short.

Another close matchup was between #3 Nathan The Beach Cat (Nathan is a female, FYI) and #117 LuLu The Champ. LuLu came so close, but also lost by one single vote.

Overall, the highest vote-getter was Louis The Kitten Prince with 214. On to the Round of 32!

2020 Summary & 2021 Preview

2020 was a difficult year for many of us because of the COVID-19 pandemic and overall civil unrest due to racial injustice and the presidential election.

For sports fans such as myself, one of the most difficult parts was not having a 2020 March Madness Tournament as a distraction from all the actual madness.

I was stuck at home with no sports like most of the world, and once the NCAA tournament was cancelled, I came up with the idea to create a bracket with cat accounts.

It was all done very last minute, and I mainly just picked popular accounts I knew of on IG, as well as others who I have featured or collaborated with in the past. Every few days I would post matchups to the Catfluence IG story and followers would vote on who they wanted to win. (This year, Catfluencers were able to nominate themselves or others for entry by filling out this form)

Competitors would battle it out, sharing the stories and getting their own fan bases to vote on their behalf. In the end, @smushofficial ended up taking home the championship and winning a bunch of our Catfluence merch.

This year, we’ve got several sponsors on board donating prizes (see below), which will go out to the Final Four. We’ll also be giving away more Catfluence merch to those who get involved throughout – one lucky winner who fills out the bracket and shares to their story will get a prize, and one lucky winner who guesses the correct champion will also get a prize!

This years’ contest will follow the same timeline as actual March Madness (beginning March 19th). The only main differences will be there isn’t going to be a “First Four”, and we will add an additional matchup to determine third and fourth place. Seeding was based on follower count.

Some high-profile accounts from last year, including Smush, Juno, Pizza and more will be returning, along with some new up and comers. Fill out the bracket below in a Google Doc or PDF format!

This was a fun distraction for me last year, and I hope you are all able to enjoy it with me this year as well!

2021 Catfluence March Meowdness Sponsors

Tournament sponsors listed below in alphabetical order:

Bad Cat Coffee Company

Bad Cat was founded by Traci and inspired by her beloved cat, Peaches.

Bad Cat Coffee Co. serves locally roasted, coffee, espresso, cat-themed lattes and so much more at the Morgan Street Food Hall, 411 W. Morgan Street, Raleigh, NC 27603.

They also ship anywhere in the USA and deliver in their local area in North Carolina. They will be giving a bag of coffee and a mug to the first-place winner!


If you’re here, you know who we are by now, but feel free to learn more about Catfluence here.

We will be putting up hats, stickers, mugs, and more as prizes this year! Each finalist will also receive a featured post on our social profiles!

Cat Lady Academy

Founded by Nikki Hess, Philly native, marketer, and meowmy to @mannyhalloweencat, Cat Lady Academy provides personal coaching and online courses for cat IG accounts, along with tips for new & established accounts.

You can check out the courses she currently has available by visiting the CLA website. Nikki and Cat Lady Academy will be giving away one of her Pitch Purrfect Bundles to each of the top three winners.

These guides will help you work with brands and promote their products on your cat’s Instagram!

Living Art USA

Living Art USA was founded in 2010 by Jane Morocco. Jane is an industry leader as well as an accomplished author, environmentalist, philanthropist and community activist.

Living Art features luscious, low maintenance plant varieties perfect for any urban growing environment that are pet and child-Safe.

The winner will receive a Pet-Friendly Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea), which is a plant native to eastern Mexico, and perfect for those who are business travelers as their round trunk is used to store water for long periods of time.

Meowy Janes

Founded in 2018 by wedding/engagement photographer, Bill and his wife, Carly, Meowy Janes provides the ultimate catnip and catnip alternatives! Based out of New Jersey, their products are all-natural, farm-grown, and sustainably sourced.

Their products are available in their online store, as well as on Etsy/Amazon and at local markets, pop-up boutiques, and cat conventions. Wholesale orders are also available.

First place will receive one of their Catnip Alternative Variety Boxes, and there will be a few other smaller prizes distributed to the other finalists.

Nutri-Vet Pet Supplements

Nutrivet makes veterinarian-formulated products to keep pets healthy and happy. They are made with the highest quality standards, because caring is their top priority, and the animal always comes first.

They will be awarding several of their products to the top finishers, including their Eye Rinse, Hairball Paw-Gel (Chicken), and Multi-Vitamin Paw-Gel (Salmon).

If you’re looking for their products, try their store locator!

Oskar & Klaus

Oskar was a blind cat who sadly passed away in 2018. His sidekick and best friend is known as “The Klaus.” Also part of the family are blind cats George and Juno, who made a run in our tournament last year!

Oskar & Klaus has their own online store with merch, stickers, books, and more! Their “Mission to Cataria” book was an official selection for “Story Time From Space”, and was read by astronaut Ricky Arnold from the International Space Station.

For this years’ prizes, they will be giving away a pawtographed book pack with audiobook and five coupons for a free box of ökocat litter!

Sun Paw Co.

Sun Paw Co. was founded by Bella and is based in Indiana. They sell BioThane®  pet gear, which is a durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable polyester webbing.

Their awesome products, including leashes, blankets, and more, can be found on Esty. First place will receive blanket and a cat leash from Sun Paw, while second and third will receive a leash.

Trenton Corrugated Products

Trenton Corrugated Products is a corrugated sheet plant that specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom-sized containers and die cuts. While they specialize in boxes, they can create any type of corrugated product you could ever need.

Found in 1971, TCP was purchased by Cheryl, Ian, and Alex Bernstein in 2019. Their 160,000 sq. ft. facility continues to operate out of Trenton, New Jersey, a city with a very rich history in the United States.

Trenton Corrugated is sponsoring all of the boxes that our prizes will be shipped in. (Pro tip: the boxes can be repurposed as indoor cat shelters and toys)

The Pizza Cat & Uncle Grumpy Inc.

You’ve probably seen The Pizza Cat floating around the internet, well they are the original creators of this viral kitty!

They make hilarious original memes and videos with their two cats, Pizza and Cheeto, who both participated in the Meowdness last year. They also run the IG account @chonksdointhings.

Check out the Pizza Cat Party Website to learn more as well as the Uncle Grumpy Inc Esty store for merch. Stickers will be sent out to our finalists!

miley cyrus female celebrity with a cat holding her white cat

Top 5 Celebrities With Cats: Singers, Actors, & Models

Written by: Miah Seetahal, Catfluence Intern

In this blog post, Catflunece Intern, Miah Seetahal, writes about five of her favorite celebrities with cats!

1. Taylor Swift

What kind of list would this be if Taylor Swift was not on it! Her three beautiful kitties have all made special appearances on her social media.

Ms. Meredith Grey and Ms. Olivia Benson, and Mr. Benjamin Button not only have an iconic mommy but their names are pretty famous too.

Not only does she own cats, but played on as well in her first major movie CATS. We stan a musical queen and her fur babies!

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr., or Iron Man as many know him to be, is a huge cat lover.

His furry sons were adopted in 2010. From posting them on social media and showing people pictures of his cats, he is obsessed with them!

With personalities of their own, Monty and D’Artagnan (aka Dart) keep the Downey Jr. household lively.

3. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is known for having countless pets and is obvious that she is an animal lover!

From dogs, cats, and a pig her home is full of love from her four-legged babies.

Her kitties are not just full personality but also Instagram followers. KeKe and LiLo are the oldest.

The fluffy Shanti Om Bb is not just the baby but also Insta famous with over 80k followers.

4. Gigi Hadid

Another lucky cat is Cleo Hadid who was rescued and adopted by supermodel Gigi Hadid.

She is also rising to her own modeling career with 6k followers on her own Instagram page.

Inseparable from her mommy, she is also loved by the whole Hadid family.

5. Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder owns a total of nine pets two of which are cats. His pet loving home also welcomes foster kittens and dogs until they are able to find their fur-ever home.

In caring about animals and the environment, Ian and his wife (Nikki Reed) have made their own foundation called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

That’s it for now! If you have other favorite celebrities with cats, feel free to share them in the comments below!